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Friday, September 16, 2005

[the other dawn] ♥

Listening to: PLOT by Kirito


yosh! Kirito-sama's finally releasing his solo photobook! I'm going to blow my monthly allowance for books/cds, but anything Kirito-related *coughHamelncough* is worth it~ I've heard Hameln so many times how, I can practically sing it X3 I'm in the process of translating all the lyrics right now, into kanji, romanji and English! In fact, I'm taking Japanese lessons because I'm seriously thinking of going to Japan for University ♥ that would be so cool...but then again, my parents are warning me about Japanese racism against the Chinese race...>___> onto brighter things...I've enjoyed most of my stay in China...I got to spend more time with Dad and my Grandparents (on both sides), as well as meet cousins #156, #157, and #158 XS it was awkward, because two of them were almost TWICE as tall as me...SKYSCRAPERS!!! >___< man that was NOT a nice feeling, standing beside someone who's a Yao Ming 'cousin-clone'...

besides that, my darling Nita has moved her blog ♥ I haven't changed the link on the layout yet, but I'll get to that soon, when I conquer the mountain in my room I've dubbed 'homework'...ahem...well, besides that, I've decided to play around with my webcam to display my retardedness show off my new earrings (I only got one on each side because my mom flat out rejected my suggestion of two on each side) them pierced over the summer ^___^ the bad news is, I'm allergic to anything that's not pure silver and/or gold (and I don't like gold) so earrings are gonna be expensive T___T


oh and! I've found out recently that PIERROT's going on a winter nation wide tour (♥!) and I want to go REALLY BADLY...but my Mom says I need to get a travel partner, someone who knows Japanese and a little bit about Japanese concerts...I'm hoping to meet someone in the Japanese classes I'm going to take this year (Saturday school...XS) le sigh...wish me luck ♥