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Monday, July 04, 2005

summer vacation~



nyah! no computer for two months~~~ T___T I'm going to miss my Kirito photos on my desktop *heart breaks* I probably won't be able to post on this journal for two months too since you can't connect to some American servers in China >___> I'm really hoping to go to Japan, but it seems my Dad won't have time *dies* my Mom suggests going there this winter and stay with my cousin who is going to school there, but that's sooo long~~~ plus! I can't go see Kirito on his first live tour! I feel so ashamed... I'm going to try and make it up by buying loads of PIERROT + Kirito merchandise 8D I've already got a list of the magazines Kirito will be featured in. I want to get the DICTATORS CIRCUS -A deformed BUD- Best c/w Songs Album, Kirito's DOOR single and his HAMELN album ♥ I really hope China will have the merchandise since the Chinese-Japan dispute over the Nankin Massacre issue still hasn't been resolved and China's threatening on boycotting Japanese merchandise *kicks China*

I've been enjoying quite a bit of Diru concerts for the past few days just for the heck of it and I find Kyo as amazing as ever. I almost don't pay attention to anyone else on stage when I watch Diru concerts XP Kyo just does the most...interesting spitting, playing with his pants *ahem*, laughing hysterically for some songs, and that blowing-kiss thingy that makes me swoon ♥ this much Diru is making me wanna see more PIERROT concerts, but stupid WinMX won't hurry up and let me finish downloading *growls* I NEED more Kirito (♥)!!!

besides leaving my computer, I'll also be leaving my Kirito shrine...I'm already done with the info and most of the music sections as well as done some song analysis, but it'll take a long time to set up everything else...argh!!! *tears hair out* I really hate having to leave my dear computer *clings* le least I've put all of my fanlistings on hiatus, made a new layout for my graphics journal here (features, yet again, Kirito-sama *shines*), and now I'm saying farewell on this journal for the summer...

other than that, I just want to wish everyone a happy summer vacation! not that anyone reads this, I just like to think they do XP