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Friday, July 22, 2005

Hameln tracklist out~~~ ♥

Listening to: Saisei no Asa by Kirito


(it is currently 4:20 PM in China)

from Cycloid:
Kirito - Hameln (Limited Edition)
06.Awaking bud
07.Daremo inai oka
08.Saisei no asa (Album Version)
♥ I'm so glad I bought this ♥ all the tracks seem so...'ballad-ish', though I suppose that's Kirito's new 'style', I'll support it all the way ♥ I've also (reluctantly) downloaded his DOOR single, mostly because I have no money to buy it and I am ITCHING to listen to Saisei no Asa >____< I solely promise that I will try and buy the single once I get a job and grab some money XD
anywho, my thoughts on the track titles...first, Hameln. for those who don't know, Hameln is the city the fable 'the Pied Piper' was based in, it was also used to name a fantasy novel based on the same story some years ago [/bookworm] my first thoughts that came to mind regarding this title is REVENGE...or something related to regret/bitterness/etc. maybe it will be a dark song? or maybe a sad song? like Rasuto Retaa? *_____* second song is DOOR, which I think the majority of the world has already heard, so I'll just say I adore the lyrics and the PV (see rant on DOOR sometime ago here) third comes PLOT...erm...first, it gives me the image of a map and 'plots' on a map (stares at layout), then, it kind of reminds me of a plot, as in a plan of some sorts ohh...Kirito's been ploting the world's demise ♥ ahem...fourth is INTER CUTTER...which sounds quite...aggressive. 'inter' means 'to bury' sounds like some kind of serial killer's nickname or something >___> like SLASHslashYOUareDEAD kinda feel...but then again, it could be that Kirito means to 'inter' the 'cutter', which means he wants to bury this person who cuts...maybe burying an inner demon thing? fifth on the list is Ray, which I think refers to the sun's's kind of soothing to think about, like soft sunlight shining through...something or other...yeah...sixth, Awaking bud. for some reason I think this bud is affected by the track before it, Ray it also reminds me of PIERROT's last two releases, -A variant BUD- and -A deformed BUD- so maybe Kirito's starting with his story telling habit again? *hopes so* anywho, the most intriguing title so far is track seven, Daremo inai oka, which I think either translates to 'everyone/anyone within the hill' or 'no one within the hill'. the first one seems more likely, as in 'the Pied Piper', he lulls all of the villagers' children inside of a cave (hill) and traps them inside. sounds...threatening...I ♥ this threat XP then comes number eight, Saisei no asa (morning of rebirth), which I've downloaded (the single version) and sounds awesome~ Kirito blends his 'deep' voice with a neutral tone and it just sounds so powerful and slightly sad at the same time *admires* nine is THE SUN, which reminds me of Kirito's Sun tattoos [/stalker] that sounds like it may relate to also seems kind of hopeful or it could be sad, since the children trapped in the cave can't see the light *loves evil Kirito* last/tenth track (T____T) EXIT now this doesn't seem too conventional to the original story, but it seems the children somehow find a way out of the cave? is this Kirito being too nice? *gasps dramatically* I hope not. well, it could mean he gives the children an 'exit' that is 'death'...that seems more appealing to me XP
well, there's my thoughts on the album track titles in a nutshell XP I can't wait to get the poster that comes with the limited edition of this album though ♥_____♥ I think it's supposed to look like this:

*dies of love* this will become the most treasured item I will ever own ♥ (as soon as it arrives in my mailbox some 3 weeks later) I can't believe I was even ever in an Aiji fangirl trance before I fell in love with Kirito (no offense Aiji lovers) I used to only go for the most prettyful ones every time I got to know a new band, but Kirito's changed my mind (I admit Aiji looks slightly prettier than Kirito), because for some reason I feel attracted to his 'being' instead of his 'looks' though his looks are an added bonus if that makes sense...
well this post has cheered me up completely ^____^ mostly because I had to get up at 8:30 AM this morning to have practise with my guitar teacher (I was sooo tired last night since my Dad snored his way through the entire of the two hours he kept me awake), and it so happens the teacher was stuck in a traffic jam and couldn't get here even 45 minute after our scheduled meeting. so I left >:P he was responsible enough to call me and apologize, but still, one whole lesson wasted D:< I detest Chinese traffic. ah well, Kirito can make me feel cheerful no matter how down I am so I'm glad he exists *thanks his mom and dad for giving birth to him* XDDDD