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Saturday, July 09, 2005

HAMELN!!! I'm officially under the spell of Pied Piper Kirito ♥

Listening to: He Wasn't by Avril Lavigne


just a quick note mentioning I bought some new stuff yesterday ^___^ including Avril Lavigne's Under My Skin album, David Tao's The Great Leap 2005 album, a wicked bull bone carving necklace of some sort of goblin/bull that reminds me of the monster dude in Diru's JESSICA PV ♥ some shoes, some clothes...etc. (all of these at super cheap prices, aka 'the China price')

and now...I LOVE MY DAD!!! ♥ x 1 billion!!! he bought me Kirito's first solo album HAMELN!!! I've wanted it for sooo long!!! it cost $US 35.03, I got it from CD Japan ^___^ just wanted to rant XD too bad I'm not getting DOOR T_____T I'll have to buy it when I get a job and earn my own money >____> anyway, and I'm officially not going to Japan *dies* my heart is seriously bleeding at the fact that I can't support Kirito at his first solo LIVE, which means I will have to buy the DVD for the tour even if it kills me (or my hopes of having enough money to go to University) XP the obsession that is Kirito is too expensive T______T