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Friday, June 03, 2005

KOHTA's 30 birthday! and my Diru rant....



yupyup! it's the 30 birthday of KOHTA, bassist of the awesome band PIERROT! he's turning 30 (so unbelievable he's 30 already...)!
I really wanna hug him, especially seeing him with his doggie during that ZY photoshoot (sooo cute~~~)

yea, I know I'm late for the Diru rant...I also know no one reads this...but I'm going to rant here goes:
introductions first! Kyo is vocalist/lyricallist, Kaoru is guitarist/leader, Die is guitarist, Toshiya is bassist, and Shinya is drums...I'm sure most people already know that, and since they're a visual kei band, I've made pics of them in and out of drag their costumes:
Kyo (Vocals) Kaoru (Guitar) Die (Guitar) Toshiya (Bass) Shinya (Drums)
to say the least, Kyo's definitely my favorite. I have a thing for dorks who act tough on stage (think Kirito...) ^____^ since I haven't really been into Diru (okay, Dir en grey for those who still haven't caught on...) for long enough, I'm still not that familiar with them, but what I know I will relentlessly shove into your faces >=D Kyo's the dorky vocalist (who's adorably adorable in an adorable way when he's offstage...waiiii~~~) who writes lyrics for all (?) of Diru's songs - and vows to never write a happy ending for a song (but who needs a cliche happy ending when you have wicked music? not me XP), onstage, he's all about 'scaring' his fans (or in some cases, 'entertaining' them) by covering his body in various gross (in the cool way) makeup that makes him look like a zombie/piece of rotten meat/etc. and/or emitting liquids such as 'blood' and 'slug stew'...he also does some physical damage to himself onstage (real damage and not those fake scars celebrities get to look cool *grumbles*) like slamming his microphone against his chest and drawing blood (aww...looks painful Kyo-chan...) he also hates being called 'cute' or 'Kyo-chan' ( bad *snicker*) the most obvious thing about him is his various piercings all over his face (most of them look quite painful), some under his lower lip, some on his nose, some on his eyebrows, etc...his singing voice is really deep and soothing when he sings slow songs, but he can also make it screechy when he does his screaming vocals ♥ the reason I'm rambling on about Kyo is because I honestly have not much interest the other members *gets mauled over by angry Diru fans* maybe they are 'interesting', but I'm infatuated with Kirito (PIERROT) and Kyo for the most part...I'll still rant about what little I know about the others...Kaoru's the guitarist-and-leader-dude who makes decisions and such for the band, he's also deemed the 'scary' one (though Kyo's costumes are WAY more scary) of the band, I think he's the 'father' figure (just like TAKEO is for PIERROT) then there's Die, the hunky guitarist whose smile can make you melt ♥ even though I am not obsessed in him in any way, he's still very dreamy (especially with the short red hair he had for a while *____*), Die and Kaoru are best friends too ^___^ Toshiya is the...erm...'flirty' bassist who loves to show off his looks (which are something to brag about *___*) and looks good in drag as no one else can XD he's also got really cute crooked teeth and a really nice laugh *swoon* then comes Shinya, about the first drummer in any Jrock band I know who is the most feminine member O____o he's got like a tiny body, but wicked muscles to have beat the rythmn needed for Diru's hard songs, all in all, he's an enigma and doesn't talk often, he's also the one to wear drag most often (even after their indies days...) in my opinion, I don't like Shinya-in-drag as much as Shinya-as-man because Shinya-in-drag is really convincing and makes him look a bit TOO MUCH like a girl >____> no offense to Shinya himself of course...

after introducing members, here are some songs I reccommend with all my ♥ :
Akuro no Oka - a really sweet slow song that picks up somewhere in the middle with a nice drum beat in the background and lovely guitars accompanied by Kyo's 'soft voice' that's gentle and strong at the same time, makes me wanna cry...sorta - ain't afraid to die - the twin song to Akura no Oka, with the same sad theme and this time, Kyo's vocals are really something, it's emotional and fades in and out at times, the beat is very slow, but serves the theme well, the PV was really beautiful *____* - embryo - "my sweet mother...deadly sweet mother" after those lyrics, who wouldn't love this song? Kyo does some slow 'rapping' in the beginning in his soft voice that picks up after a while into a sad, deep chorus, I love the way the guitars sound like high pitched pianos ^____^ - FILTH - okay, so the PV was slightly disturbing...but not as disturbing as OBSCURE >__> I really like the effects Kyo does to his voice, there's a lot of growling and voice distortion in this, so if that's your cup of tea, download "FIL~TH HI, FIL~TH HI" - Mr.NEWSMAN - I love this song, it's soo synthsized-ish and pure bouncy (in my opinion, anything fast-paced and involves cool guitar lines is bouncy XP) and the chorus is really deep and flowing X3 the PV was cute too...Kyo hates newsmen *snickers* - Yokan - my FAVORITE Diru song, and not because the PV was...interesting...because there's less distorted voice things, I love Kyo's un-distorted voice, the chorus' really catchy, it's almost like a 'normal' mainstream Jrock song, but still has a distinct Diru feel (probably induced by Kyo's lovable voice ♥) I've still got 5 days of their Blitz 5Days tour to watch XD so far, I don't like Kyo's gross-stuff-spitting much, but I'm sure I'll get used to it for the sake of Diru in my ♥ (that's competing with PIERROT for first place X3)

on that note, I'm off to see if there's any PIERROT PVs I HAVEN'T downloaded...I've already got their ENTIRE discography except COCOON, which is ironic since I've got like 2 LIVEs of it and it's PV, but not the mp3 =.= seriously...oh well, worship the Kirito and Kyo who are my GODS...nyah, I think I'm getting addicted to Kyo x Kirito fanfiction *____* even if it's friendly (or in some cases, hatred) interaction, I'd love to read any fanfics about them...maybe because for some reason, the only person I could think of to 'dominate' Kirito is Kyo...even though Kyo's 3 years younger than and my ROGGIKU XP