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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Kirito's 'DOOR' PV~~~! ♥

Listening to: Kirito - DOOR


DOOR Single Limited Edition Cover



♥♥ \♥___♥/ ♥♥



All hail the mighty Kirito!

He is the most gorgeous thing alive ♥3♥ I really am itching to buy this now, I've already downloaded the PV for DOOR that was shown on TV and the ripped mp3 version of said video, but I still want to buy the single just to support my awesome Kirito-sama~~~! (plus, I still don't have the c/w track >___>)

I really wish the PV had more colours to it though, but Kirito's half-open shirt is enough to keep me nosebleeding for the next few weeks *swoons* if Kirito with sexy shirt isn't enough, then Kirito playing guitar and singing at the same time is...ahh~~~!

I also read somewhere that Kirito's album is costing him guitars since he bought 3 new guitars for the first 3 tracks XD what an adorable dork ♥ ever notice ♥s keep popping up every time I mention Kirito (♥)? that's because I ♥ him with all my ♥ *gets stabbed by fangirl haters*

I've got a wishlist now:

1. Meet Kirito (♥) and/or get all the magazines he's ever appeared in

2. Buy Kirito's (♥) debut single, 'DOOR'

3. Finish my sorry attempt of a translation for Kirito's (♥) song 'DOOR' (including kanji, romanji and English)

4. Write a fanfiction that's Kirito (♥) and Kyo centered, but is not overly cliche or PWP...or graphic in any sexual sense

5. Attempt to paint Kirito (♥) in his Neogurotesuku (or Smiley Skeleton) outfit

6. Attend Kirito's (♥) first solo live tour 'The Fef of Hamelin' (even though it's in August and I probably won't be able to T____T *heart bleeds*)

7. Slim down a bit so I can cosplay the overly stick-skinny Kirito (♥) better...

8. Get a job just so I can spend it all on Kirito (♥) merchandise XD

9. Create a new layout that features no one but Kirito (♥) just so I can admire him 24/7

10. Finish the shrine I am making dedicated to Kirito (♥) that will house a large collection of my Kirito (♥) rants *gets stabbed again*


now, to rant about the PV...basically, there isn't much to it, it isn't 'in-your-face', but I'm still satisfied (for now *maniacal laugh*) it basically starts off with him walking up some stairs, then you see his (awesomely black) guitar being played. after that, you get the wicked chair scene where he sits on the chair and sings ♥ the chair itself is pretty cool too, it's kind of like a candleabra shape...which then transits into him singing while playing the guitar *squee* and transits back into the guitar & sing scene before transiting back AGAIN into the chair scene...that's when the colour seeps back in and he is shown in a white shirt lying on a bed *dirty thoughts* >____> on the bed, he seems to try to get up, but can't and falls back (awww, poor Kiri-sama)...more scenes of the struggle and some random (but cool-looking) staticy TV...after a while the TV shows him playing guitar & singing (sadly in black-and-white with static to boot)...he also shivers a bit when the scene changes back to colour and the bed (makes me wanna glomp him~~~)...back to the chair and guitar transitions...then he FINALLY manages to get up and shows this adorable sleepy/tired/sad face ♥ >___< ♥ as if that's not enough, the chorus picks up and he picks at his guitar harder for the upbeat melody...there's also this short scene of him covering his mouth and looking like he's in great pain (T______T)...after that, some addicting guitar playing before Kirito-in-colour stands up and pushes open this door with square holes in it...some random clock/TV/guitar-playing scenes later, you get to see his pretty white outfit in whole (it's actually just a white hoodie with matching pants, but anything worn by Kirito is enough to make me swoon ♥)...more depressing-Kirito where he covers his mouth, puts his hand on his head, and some other confusing acts of Kirito-ness before he starts smoking XD Kirito + cigar = insanely sexy...more guitar-pounding, singing-in-chair, sad-face-making, emotional-singing, sexy-chest-showing, somehow-magically-returning-to-bed, somehow-returning-to-bed-and-then-opening-door-again, a few let's-trash-my-almost-empty-living-room before the chair & guitar sequence once again returns...then somehow, he once again returns to that nice bed and angsts, gets up in frustration, walks slowly as he threatens the door and then pushing the door open (for the third time) to reveal some sort of light-of-heaven...the guitar stops playing here as he puts the back of his hand up to his mouth, which then fades to white, which fades to black again and to the scene at the beginning where he's walking up the stairs...all in all, full of Kirito and his chest, don't forget the chest ♥ goodness~~~!

for leechers, you can find the PV at Tonberry, watch it then go buy the single, it comes out July 6~~~

So in other words, my life can be pretty much summed up to equal KIRITO (♥) this obsession is my favorite drug and I'm quite happy with my current state thank-you-very-much-fangirl-haters XP