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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Kirito and otou-san? O_____o

Listening to: Seruroido (Celluloid) by PIERROT


KIRITO!!! *dies* okay, I'm overreacting, but I just recently discovered something seriously surprising...Kirito's birthday is February 24, 1972 (no, that's NOT the big discovery...) AND my FATHER's birthday is February 24, 196(this last number has been censored to protect my dad's privacy...and stuff...)!!! O______o call me stupid for not realizing Kirito's birthday is on the same day as my Dad's, but...okay fine, I didn't notice at all...but this is so weird >_______> *checks window* (XP) this is too much *hyperventilates* now I can celebrate Kirito's birthday on the same day as my Dad's ♥ yeah...[/weird news]

well, I'm going away for the summer, mainly to see my dad, my grandma - who still has a brain tumor T____T - and, my poor grandpa...I really want to visit Japan too goal right now is to buy the Kirito photobook and sniff it like a drug every day, buy Kyo's two poem books - the first one is Japanese, the second one is English (I think) - and attempt to finish the fanfiction I'm doing (already got 4 chapters written) by getting inspiration from them ♥ I've got to admit, I am in love with Kyo's voice. he can hit so many differnt chords it's not funny O____o personally, Kyo doesn't scare me, but he does give me chills when he does that laughing/crying baby thing (in 'mazohyst of decadence' especially) *hates children* I've watched the first two days of Diru's BLITZ 5DAYS tour and I think Kyo's starting to make me swoon ♥ he is so adorable, especially when he blew that kiss near the end of the second day! <3 I still don't really like him putting all that stuff on himself during the first day, but the blood was okay ^___^ I wish he wore his golden contacts with the brown/black borders more often, it makes him look more like a kitty XD besides that, let's report on my Kirito shrine ♥ first, I've finished the 'basic introduction' where I list lots of random gotta-know info (from the size of his foot to the number of tattoos and piercings he has) and the 'voices' page where I identified his different singing voices X3 I personally love the hoarse-growl the most, especially when he sings it in CREATURE *loves that song* I'm not sure how long it would take me to finish the rest though since I'm leaving my computer (and 900+ mp3s~) for 2 months T______T I'll probably die without Kirito in my ear everyday *drowns in tears* I was thinking of making a Kyo shrine to be the 'twin site' for my Kirito shrine, but I'm not sure I'll have enough time, going into 11th grade and all >____> maybe I should try and get a job while I'm in mom says I should be a translator for the 2008 Olympics in China, I'd agree as long as I don't have to read or write =.= on the bright side, my Dad promised to spend more time with us. he's agreed to play squash with me ^____^ *loves squash even though her mom thinks her arms are getting too thick* I want to get muscles like Kirito's ♥ and Kyo's ♥ XD speaking of Kyo's arms, he's got really detailed tattoos, it's like a giant mass of black if you look at it from afar, but if you look closely, it's really pretty *____*

just as a last note, I'm on a wallpaper making spree and I'm in need of other test subjects Jrockers to use. anybody suggest anything? I've already made Kirito (PIERROT), Kyo (Dir en grey), and Ruki (Gazette) ^_______^ I'm posting them up later on my graphics journal (hopefully)