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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

getting lost in a map...

Listening to: THE DREAM THAT WARPED by PIERROT pretty much unlikely, but I adored this photo so I kinda went along with the theme >____> I just finished my Math exam yesterday, it was quite easy despite what I had thought, I actually forgot how to do a question (more like I tend to do more than asked) before I realized I was thinking too much and the question only needed one equation instead of two =.= going to sleep at 11 PM the day before the 8:30 AM exam is a bad thing...I have an art exam tomorrow (thought it's not really an 'exam', more like an opinion essay kinda thingy) and after that, I'm FREE~!!!

besides drooling over Kirito for the past few days, I've also rediscovered some artists that were neglected before but are now among my favorites: Dong Bang Shin Ki (TVXQ!), F.I.R., Jay Chou, and Simple Plan. I've actually been purposely avoiding new Japanese music because I want to give other languages a chance and I found some great tunes ^___^ First, Dong Bang Shin Ki are pretty much your typical Korean boy-band (I still can't really tell them apart musically from Shinhwa...), and the guys are gorgeous, especially Hero, those pretty, pretty eyes *swoon* Max scares me though, he smiles a bit too often (Hug PV anyone?) I'm paranoid...there's also Xiah (who I want to skin alive for bleaching his hair blond...), U-Know (who looks like a Chinese actor I know), and Micky (who also looks like a Chinese actor I know) I really adore Hero in the Hug PV, he looks sooo sweet with those roses ♥ okay, enough about looks, lets get to the music...I suggest Tri-Angle for those who have never heard it, it's a great pop-rock song that is performed by DBSK (I'm too lazy to type out the whole thing), BoA, and The TRAX, all of them are part of the SM company. Million Men also has a nice beat to it, they focus on dance music a lot, and they could dance oh so very well X3 They also released some Japanese singles, like Stay With Me Tonight and Try My Love both very beautiful and may I mention that their English is pronounced pretty well? It's not w-inds. Engrish, but not quite 'proper' English either, kinda in between. If you listen to Shinhwa, you'll probably see their voices are pretty much similar, but DBSK has got less ballads than Shinhwa. Everyone go get a piece of this delicious K-pop cake Xd

Hero ~the gorgeous eyes~ Max ~the burning smile~ Xiah ~the looks-better-without-blond-hair dude~ U-Know ~the Chinese-actor-look-alike #1~ Micky ~the Chinese-actor-look-alike #2~

next up is F.I.R., a Chinese (Mandarin) alternative/everything-there-is band. their lead vocal is a woman while the other two band members are males (I don't know their names XP) they do a lot of awesome music-genre-blending like rock with ballad, disco with ballad, pop with rock, some random blues with rock and lots of other orchestral music pieces mixed with rock/pop. I really like their style, it's almost like Mayday, except it's a woman singing. The lyrics are awesome too, though there's some bad English grammer used in some songs *coughFlyAwaycough* I reccommend songs like Ci Niao (Piercing Bird), Ba Ai Fang Kai (Let Go of Love), and Wu Xian (Unlimited). I usually listen to them when I'm in a slouchy mood, their songs are great for waking up your system ^____^ no pictures of them since they're not exactly eyecandy (mainly because the vocalist is a female) >___>

then comes Jay Chou, whom I thought was an old geezer but turned out to be one of the most popular young artists in China =__=U his voice is pretty nice, though sometimes he kinda looses air in the middle of high pitched sections or long choruses, but he's still pretty good. I have two LIVE mp3s from his Uncomparable 2004 Tour, with 6 songs all together. I really like his LIVE voice better than his recorded voice, plus, he's really adorable when he interacts with the crowd, like teasing them and saying "Sorry, you guys are out of luck, I'm going to sing the sing-along by myself"...he also made up some random lyrics for one of his songs, adding lines like "Thank you for coming to see me, I am touched and very happy~" the crowd practically screamed their lungs out at that >____> some songs I reccommend: Kai Bu Liao Kou (Can't Say It), Ni Ting De Dao (Only You Can Hear), Zui Hou De Zhan Yi (The Last Battle) and Long Zhang (Dragon's Claw) - just on an extra note, Jay's actually released his own brand of mp3 player, that's how famous he is ^___^U (you can see the player at - also no pic of him because I'm not exactly attracted to his looks and I'm too lazy XP

ahh...which leaves Simple Plan...I think they're the first English band I've chosen to rant about *shrugs* firstly, I don't know their names...only that they're from Montreal, Canada. Their songs are pretty much rock and alternative I guess. I really like the vocals done and the lyrics. The only thing I'm kind of disappointed in is the fact that they sort of repeat the same idea over and over again in some songs, just changing the wording a bit. It's sort of like the over-use of 'tears' in English songs or 'namida' in Japanese (listen to the songs you have, I bet 7/10 have the word 'namida' in them >____>) but I do enjoy some of the other songs they have like God Must Hate Me, Everytime, Shut Up!, My Alien (really cute~), You Don't Mean Anything, and Addicted. Their style is pretty much pretty unique like F.I.R.'s, but in the way that rock music can differ from soft to hard (they don't do ear-spliting guitar riffs like Dir en grey or anything) worth checking out if you need some English music to keep your brain from thinking in foreign languages that you don't understand *whistles innocently*

I just wanted to mention that I've changed winamp skins and wallpapers, as well as subscribed to AudioScrobbler (seems fun...) I'm thinking of putting my fanlistings up for adoption though, I'm losing the anime-fangirl-virus very quickly...ah well, I'm off to watch more PVs X3 ja!