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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Kirito and otou-san? O_____o

Listening to: Seruroido (Celluloid) by PIERROT


KIRITO!!! *dies* okay, I'm overreacting, but I just recently discovered something seriously surprising...Kirito's birthday is February 24, 1972 (no, that's NOT the big discovery...) AND my FATHER's birthday is February 24, 196(this last number has been censored to protect my dad's privacy...and stuff...)!!! O______o call me stupid for not realizing Kirito's birthday is on the same day as my Dad's, but...okay fine, I didn't notice at all...but this is so weird >_______> *checks window* (XP) this is too much *hyperventilates* now I can celebrate Kirito's birthday on the same day as my Dad's ♥ yeah...[/weird news]

well, I'm going away for the summer, mainly to see my dad, my grandma - who still has a brain tumor T____T - and, my poor grandpa...I really want to visit Japan too goal right now is to buy the Kirito photobook and sniff it like a drug every day, buy Kyo's two poem books - the first one is Japanese, the second one is English (I think) - and attempt to finish the fanfiction I'm doing (already got 4 chapters written) by getting inspiration from them ♥ I've got to admit, I am in love with Kyo's voice. he can hit so many differnt chords it's not funny O____o personally, Kyo doesn't scare me, but he does give me chills when he does that laughing/crying baby thing (in 'mazohyst of decadence' especially) *hates children* I've watched the first two days of Diru's BLITZ 5DAYS tour and I think Kyo's starting to make me swoon ♥ he is so adorable, especially when he blew that kiss near the end of the second day! <3 I still don't really like him putting all that stuff on himself during the first day, but the blood was okay ^___^ I wish he wore his golden contacts with the brown/black borders more often, it makes him look more like a kitty XD besides that, let's report on my Kirito shrine ♥ first, I've finished the 'basic introduction' where I list lots of random gotta-know info (from the size of his foot to the number of tattoos and piercings he has) and the 'voices' page where I identified his different singing voices X3 I personally love the hoarse-growl the most, especially when he sings it in CREATURE *loves that song* I'm not sure how long it would take me to finish the rest though since I'm leaving my computer (and 900+ mp3s~) for 2 months T______T I'll probably die without Kirito in my ear everyday *drowns in tears* I was thinking of making a Kyo shrine to be the 'twin site' for my Kirito shrine, but I'm not sure I'll have enough time, going into 11th grade and all >____> maybe I should try and get a job while I'm in mom says I should be a translator for the 2008 Olympics in China, I'd agree as long as I don't have to read or write =.= on the bright side, my Dad promised to spend more time with us. he's agreed to play squash with me ^____^ *loves squash even though her mom thinks her arms are getting too thick* I want to get muscles like Kirito's ♥ and Kyo's ♥ XD speaking of Kyo's arms, he's got really detailed tattoos, it's like a giant mass of black if you look at it from afar, but if you look closely, it's really pretty *____*

just as a last note, I'm on a wallpaper making spree and I'm in need of other test subjects Jrockers to use. anybody suggest anything? I've already made Kirito (PIERROT), Kyo (Dir en grey), and Ruki (Gazette) ^_______^ I'm posting them up later on my graphics journal (hopefully)


Wednesday, June 22, 2005

getting lost in a map...

Listening to: THE DREAM THAT WARPED by PIERROT pretty much unlikely, but I adored this photo so I kinda went along with the theme >____> I just finished my Math exam yesterday, it was quite easy despite what I had thought, I actually forgot how to do a question (more like I tend to do more than asked) before I realized I was thinking too much and the question only needed one equation instead of two =.= going to sleep at 11 PM the day before the 8:30 AM exam is a bad thing...I have an art exam tomorrow (thought it's not really an 'exam', more like an opinion essay kinda thingy) and after that, I'm FREE~!!!

besides drooling over Kirito for the past few days, I've also rediscovered some artists that were neglected before but are now among my favorites: Dong Bang Shin Ki (TVXQ!), F.I.R., Jay Chou, and Simple Plan. I've actually been purposely avoiding new Japanese music because I want to give other languages a chance and I found some great tunes ^___^ First, Dong Bang Shin Ki are pretty much your typical Korean boy-band (I still can't really tell them apart musically from Shinhwa...), and the guys are gorgeous, especially Hero, those pretty, pretty eyes *swoon* Max scares me though, he smiles a bit too often (Hug PV anyone?) I'm paranoid...there's also Xiah (who I want to skin alive for bleaching his hair blond...), U-Know (who looks like a Chinese actor I know), and Micky (who also looks like a Chinese actor I know) I really adore Hero in the Hug PV, he looks sooo sweet with those roses ♥ okay, enough about looks, lets get to the music...I suggest Tri-Angle for those who have never heard it, it's a great pop-rock song that is performed by DBSK (I'm too lazy to type out the whole thing), BoA, and The TRAX, all of them are part of the SM company. Million Men also has a nice beat to it, they focus on dance music a lot, and they could dance oh so very well X3 They also released some Japanese singles, like Stay With Me Tonight and Try My Love both very beautiful and may I mention that their English is pronounced pretty well? It's not w-inds. Engrish, but not quite 'proper' English either, kinda in between. If you listen to Shinhwa, you'll probably see their voices are pretty much similar, but DBSK has got less ballads than Shinhwa. Everyone go get a piece of this delicious K-pop cake Xd

Hero ~the gorgeous eyes~ Max ~the burning smile~ Xiah ~the looks-better-without-blond-hair dude~ U-Know ~the Chinese-actor-look-alike #1~ Micky ~the Chinese-actor-look-alike #2~

next up is F.I.R., a Chinese (Mandarin) alternative/everything-there-is band. their lead vocal is a woman while the other two band members are males (I don't know their names XP) they do a lot of awesome music-genre-blending like rock with ballad, disco with ballad, pop with rock, some random blues with rock and lots of other orchestral music pieces mixed with rock/pop. I really like their style, it's almost like Mayday, except it's a woman singing. The lyrics are awesome too, though there's some bad English grammer used in some songs *coughFlyAwaycough* I reccommend songs like Ci Niao (Piercing Bird), Ba Ai Fang Kai (Let Go of Love), and Wu Xian (Unlimited). I usually listen to them when I'm in a slouchy mood, their songs are great for waking up your system ^____^ no pictures of them since they're not exactly eyecandy (mainly because the vocalist is a female) >___>

then comes Jay Chou, whom I thought was an old geezer but turned out to be one of the most popular young artists in China =__=U his voice is pretty nice, though sometimes he kinda looses air in the middle of high pitched sections or long choruses, but he's still pretty good. I have two LIVE mp3s from his Uncomparable 2004 Tour, with 6 songs all together. I really like his LIVE voice better than his recorded voice, plus, he's really adorable when he interacts with the crowd, like teasing them and saying "Sorry, you guys are out of luck, I'm going to sing the sing-along by myself"...he also made up some random lyrics for one of his songs, adding lines like "Thank you for coming to see me, I am touched and very happy~" the crowd practically screamed their lungs out at that >____> some songs I reccommend: Kai Bu Liao Kou (Can't Say It), Ni Ting De Dao (Only You Can Hear), Zui Hou De Zhan Yi (The Last Battle) and Long Zhang (Dragon's Claw) - just on an extra note, Jay's actually released his own brand of mp3 player, that's how famous he is ^___^U (you can see the player at - also no pic of him because I'm not exactly attracted to his looks and I'm too lazy XP

ahh...which leaves Simple Plan...I think they're the first English band I've chosen to rant about *shrugs* firstly, I don't know their names...only that they're from Montreal, Canada. Their songs are pretty much rock and alternative I guess. I really like the vocals done and the lyrics. The only thing I'm kind of disappointed in is the fact that they sort of repeat the same idea over and over again in some songs, just changing the wording a bit. It's sort of like the over-use of 'tears' in English songs or 'namida' in Japanese (listen to the songs you have, I bet 7/10 have the word 'namida' in them >____>) but I do enjoy some of the other songs they have like God Must Hate Me, Everytime, Shut Up!, My Alien (really cute~), You Don't Mean Anything, and Addicted. Their style is pretty much pretty unique like F.I.R.'s, but in the way that rock music can differ from soft to hard (they don't do ear-spliting guitar riffs like Dir en grey or anything) worth checking out if you need some English music to keep your brain from thinking in foreign languages that you don't understand *whistles innocently*

I just wanted to mention that I've changed winamp skins and wallpapers, as well as subscribed to AudioScrobbler (seems fun...) I'm thinking of putting my fanlistings up for adoption though, I'm losing the anime-fangirl-virus very quickly...ah well, I'm off to watch more PVs X3 ja!


Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Jrock questionnaire

Listening to: Jibun Kakumei -2003- by Miyavi


I was browsing around and came across this nifty questionnaire on Jrock, couldn't resist XP (all my answers are in italics

001) How did you discover JRock? mp3 rotations, gotta love 'em
002) When did you discover JRock? 2002-2003 probably, but I actually started liking it only recently (PIERROT)
003) So how long have you been a fan then? I guess a year or two since I've been a 'fan'
004) Are you a fan of Visual Kei? I dislike cross dressers unless they're Kirito (PIERROT) or Kyo (Dir en grey)
005) Are you a fan of JPop? I love my fair share of boy bands (w-inds., FLAME, Lead)
006) Are you a fan of fanservice? of course, but only if the ones fanservicing aren't ugly and/or people I hate

007) First solo artist you heard? solo...hmm...probably Gackt because he's too darn famous
008) First band/group you heard? no idea, I often listen to Jrock on anime shows (Naruto) but never bothered looking the artists up, my first is probably Orange Range
009) First JRock crush? heh, I actually was attracted to Aiji (PIERROT) before Kirito, but definitely Kirito as my first 'crush'
010) First JRocker to scare you? TAKEO (PIERROT) or Kaoru (Dir en grey)
011) First JRocker you mistook for a woman? Mana (Malice Mizer) =.=
012) First yaoi pairing you saw? Aiji x Kirito (PIERROT) XD
013) First yaoi pairing you became a fan of? Aiji x Kirito (PIERROT)
014) First Asian Kung-Fu Generation song? 'Haruka Kanata' featured on Naruto
015) First B'z song? ...erm...'Itsuka no Merry Christmas' ^.^U the song reminds me of CHEMISTRY...
016) First baroque song? 'Uta'...I think...
017) First BLOOD song? BLOOD? never heard of them...
018) First Buck-Tick song? 'Long Distance Call'
019) First Deadman song? don't have any...
020) First D'espairsRay song? 'Yami ni furu kiseki' probably
021) First Dir en grey song? either 'Mushi' or '[KR]cube', but I grabbed a few dozen of it at once the first time so there's no telling...
022) First Due'le Quartz song? don't have their songs, but I do have some PVs, the first of which was 'Re:plica'
023) First Duel Jewel song? 'Binar[crow]'
024) First Gackt song? 'Vanilla', though I can't say I like it...
025) First Gazette song? 'reila', good thing too or I'd have gotten a bad impression =.=
026) First GLAY song? it was actually a Mayday (a chinese rock band) song that they were featured in called 'Hou Niao' meaning 'migratory bird'...
027) First hide song? 'Pink Spider' *____*
028) First Hyde song? 'SHINING OVER YOU'
029) First Iceman song? 'Shining Collection' from Gravitation~
030) First J song? think I got one lying around my desktop that I've never listened to >___>
031) First Janne da Arc song? 'still'
032) First Kagerou song? 'Soushitsu'
033) First Kagrra song? 'Yume Izuru Chi'
034) First L'Arc~en~Ciel song? 'READY STEADY GO!' from Fullmetal Alchemist...too much anime back then @_____@
035) First La'Cryma Christi song? 'Angolmois'
036) First Lareine song? 'GRAND PAIN'
037) First Luna Sea song? 'TONIGHT'
038) First Malice Mizer song? argh...I forgot the title...'Syunikiss' I think...don't have it anymore though
039) First Merry song? haven't listened to them...ever
040) First Miyavi song? 'POP is dead', gotta love Meeves <3
041) First Moi dix Mois song? erm...never heard them, though Mana scares me...
042) First MUCC song? haven't listened to them, yet
043) First Nightmare song? 'Tokyo Shounen' (in PV format)
044) First PENICILLIN song? dunno...don't think I have any of their songs
045) First Pierrot song? 'GOD BLESS XmeXXXX' ♥ I adore Kirito's voice in this, if it wasn't for this, I'd never have taken interest in PIERROT unless someone slapped an image of Kirito in my face XD
046) First Plastic Tree song? 'Sink'
047) First Psycho le Cemu song? don't have any
048) First Raphael song? don't listen
049) First SADS song? don't know
050) First Schwarz Stein song? don't anything
051) First SHAZNA song? d-o-n-'-t
052) First Shiina Ringo song? d~o~n~'~t
053) First Siam Shade song? 'Over the Rainbow', though the Engrish took a while to figure out...
054) First Sugizo song? don't recognize
055) First Tetsu69 song? 'Tightrope'
056) First TRANSTIC NERVE song? collecting dust on my harddrive probably
057) First X Japan song? 'Blue Blood', though I seem to have 'misplaced' it

058) Favorite band? PIERROT, Dir en grey - don't make me choose T____T
059) Favorite band musically? PIERROT, Dir en grey - both have unique music that just leeches at my brain cells
060) Favorite band physically (eye-candy)? PIERROT - Kirito = father of all, Kyo's the only eye-candy I like on Diru
061) Favorite Indies band? every indies band I know seems to be going mainstream these days (for the better too...drag scares me at times...), so I guess...PANIC*ch/Panikku Channeru...
062) Favorite JRocker? Kirito of PIERROT ♥ of course *____*
063) Favorite vocalist? Kirito (PIERROT) and Kyo (Dir en grey)
064) Favorite guitarist? Aiji (PIERROT), love his riffs!!!
065) Favorite bassist? Reita (Gazette), dunno why, just because he's adorable and unique with his nose-band?
067) Favorite pianist/keyboardist? erm...dunno anyone...
068) Favorite song? Neogrotesque (PIERROT), LANDSCAPE (PIERROT), Yuugai no Tenshi (PIERROT), Jesus Christ R'n R (Dir en grey), Kodou (Dir en grey)...all of those and more *____*
069) Favorite PV? Neogrotesque (PIERROT)...though I really don't enjoy the nurses...Yuuyami Suicide (PIERROT) adore the sexy dance Kirito does ♥ but the same applies here, I REALLY hate the nurses, lady with whip, and dancing prostitutes O____O the yaoi was good though Xd
070) Favorite Live? hmm...probably PIERROT's LANDSCAPE -HEAVEN SIDE- Tour or PIERROT's Neogrotesque TV LIVE on AX Music in 2003 (Kirito's fishnetted upper leg *nosebleed*)
071) Favorite clip (behind the scenes, candid, etc)? either Kirito's (PIERROT) ZY Photoshoot or the Skull Armament Clips *____*
072) Favorite Gackt commercial? never watched one...
073) Favorite couple? Kirito (PIERROT) x Kyo (Dir en grey)...the dorks with tough attitudes on stage X3

074) Skirt or pants? both on Kirito (PIERROT) (remember Dictators Circus VI *___*)
075) Mana or Izam? neither...if I have to choose one then Izam because Mana's freaky
076) Kyo or Tatsurou? Kyo-chan! *gets her head bitten off*
077) Gackt or Miyavi? Miyavi! who doesn't love that adorable hyper dork?
078) Taiji or Heath? dunno either of them, but Heath because I like the name XD
079) J or Sugizo? I only know Sugizo is good looking and that he was in LUNA SEA, so I guess Sugizo
080) Yoshiki: Long hair or short? Yoshiki's long spiked hair scares me, so I'd take short 8D
081) Ken: Facial hair or none? erm...I don't think I've ever seem him without facial hair...
082) Aya: Boy or girl? the Aya I heard of is a female Jrocker...
083) Kirito: Gay or straight? I think he's bi actually, it doesn't matter to me and my worship m(_ _)m
084) Daisuke: Make-up or none? Daisuke? as in Die from Diru? if yes then I'd say none, he looks way good with his red hair un-flying-all-over-the-place
085) hide: Dead or alive? sadly, he's been declared dead of suicide (or so I've heard)
086) Gackt x Hyde or Hyde x Gackt? Gackt x HYDE because HYDE = perfect uke X3

087) Adorable? Kyo (Dir en grey)
088) Annoying? erm...HIDELOW (former PIERROT vocalist) because I want to damn his voice to Hell
089) Attractive? Kirito (PIERROT) ♥ *____* ♥
090) Bishi? see above
091) Childish? Kyo (Dir en grey), he sleeps like a wonder people call him Kyo-chan XP
092) Cute? difference with adorable is...? anywho, see 'adorable' above
093) Disturbing? TAKEO (PIERROT) or Kaoru (Dir en grey)
094) Dorky? Kirito (PIERROT) and Kyo (Dir en grey)
095) Edible? Jun (PIERROT) he looks like cheesecake to me Xd
096) Feminine? Mana (Malice Mizer) *shivers*
097) Frightening? see above 'disturbing'
098) Gay? ...Kirito (PIERROT) if you're talking about sexual preference...Miyavi if the definition of gay here is 'to be extremely happy'
099) Masculine? Kirito (PIERROT), look at those muscles! but he's really skinny X____x
100) Otaku? ...Kyo (Dir en grey) on stage with happens too many times
101) Reserved? TAKEO (PIERROT), I've never heard him talk much at interviews or B-Pass clips
102) Sex-able? Kirito (PIERROT) *melt*
103) Talented? Kirito (PIERROT) and Kyo (Dir en grey)
104) Zealous? HYDE, he's got the most emotional singing voice ever <3

105) Abs: Kyo (Dir en grey)
106) Alcohol: HYDE (L'Arc~en~Ciel)
107) Alien: hide (X Japan)
108) Ass: ...
109) Bondage: Kirito (PIERROT) during PRIVATE ENEMY album
110) Chicken: Ken (L'Arc~en~Ciel)
111) Dictator: Kirito (PIERROT)
112) Engrish: Kyo (Dir en grey)
113) Food: Aiji (PIERROT)
114) Goth: Miyavi/Miyabi (Due'le Quartz)
115) Hentai: ...*shrugs*...
116) Hump: comment
117) Kimono: Kyo (Dir en grey) in that adorable picture I have
118) Kinky: Kirito (PIERROT)
119) Leather: Kirito (PIERROT)
120) Moon: Gackt & MoonChild Movie
121) Piercing: Kyo (Dir en grey)
122) Platforms: Aiji (PIERROT)
123) Sex: ...erm...add a 'y' on the end and I'd say Kirito (PIERROT)
124) Smoking: HYDE (L'Arc~en~Ciel)
125) Vanilla: -.- Gackt
126) Visual: indies Dir en grey

127) America: Dir en grey!...I won't force PIERROT since Kirito hates America T___T
128) China: PIERROT! because I'm going there for the summer!
129) France: HYDE
130) Hawaii: Gackt O____o
131) Hospital: Kirito (PIERROT)...Shinkei PV...straightjackets...*____*
132) Japan: ...everyone?
133) Los Angeles: KOHTA (PIERROT)
134) Mars: ...Gackt...
135) McDonald's: Miyavi XD
136) Merry-go-Round: ...Jun (PIERROT)?
137) Movie Theater: Kirito (PIERROT) on the movie screen *___*
138) Okinawa: no clue where this is, but I'm supposing it's a Japanese everyone....
139) Pet Store: Jun (PIERROT) buying his 687354356th pet bird that he would set free
140) Pharmacy: erm...TAKEO (PIERROT) because he looks like a doctor when he puts on glasses...
141) Supermarket: hmm...if it was mall I'd say Aiji (PIERROT)...but I guess he'd also buy lots of food...
142) Sushi Bar: Kirito (PIERROT) because I want to see him eat
143) The North Pole: any Jrocker who doesn't produce good music

144) To get the stuffing beat out of them? the Jrockers who produce bad music
145) To get kidnapped? Jun (PIERROT), because he's adorable and 'innocent' looking
146) To have kids? Mana may someday give birth for all I know
147) To eat kids? ...erm...Kaoru (Dir en grey)...?
148) An actual woman? Mana
149) An evil spy? HIDELOW (former PIERROT) =.=
150) A government agent? definitely not Kirito, he hates the Japanese government...
151) An alien? Kirito (PIERROT) because he is above us lowly humans m(_ _)m
152) American? Gackt or HYDE
153) To rule Japan? Kirito (PIERROT) he's not called a dictator for nothing
154) To rule the world? see answer above
155) To go bald? someone I hate...
156) To get braces? probably Toshiya (Dir en grey)...his teeth aren't the straightest among humans...
157) To go into retirement first? NOT PIERROT!!! or Dir en grey! not EVER!

158) Gackt quit writing music? buy something similar to Joan's Arc in case all the women of Japan are capable of crying an ocean of tears to drown us all...
159) Toshiya got braces? then I'd be happy for him because he'll have an even cuter smile
160) Yoshiki went bald? ...I'd sneeze and go on with my life
161) Klaha bleached his hair? he'd look like a white dracula...
162) Mana became Japan's next Prime Minister? wonder what lyrics Kirito will use to make fun of her
163) hide appeared in your room? think I'm dead an cry over the fact that I still haven't met Kirito
164) Koshi stopped singing? see answer to question 160 except minus the part about sneezing
165) Jiro sat on you? wonder who the hell Jiro is and why the hell he would want to sit on me
166) Miyavi bit you? wonder which toothpaste he uses to make his teeth so white
167) Yasu spanked you? wonder why the hell Yasu would want to spank me and then call the police
168) Hyde glomped you? hug him back? and then beg him to bring me with him to Japan so I can meet Kirito XD
169) Sugizo mooned you? look away
170) Yukke poked you? erm...poke him back? and then ask if he could bring me to Japan to meet Kirito XP
171) Sakura offered you a joint? call the police in 2 sec. flat
172) Izumi could kick Jet Li's ass? wonder who Izumi is, then wonder why people compare Jrockers to Chinese movie stars
173) They made a Psycho le Cemu anime? same answer to 164
174) Akira [baroque] became your new classmate/co-worker? ask him to take me to Japan to meet Kirito
175) Kozi poked you in the eye? call a doctor before suing him to Hell
176) Hakuei gave you a lapdance? wonder who the hell he is before shoving him off
177) Kirito was your roommate? ♥ ♥ ♥ did I mention ♥? I'd like to listen to some more of his philosophies and watch him compose/write songs *____*
178) seek wanted to take a stroll through your neighborhood? tell him he'd really rather jump into a fishtank since the fishtank would be more exciting (but before that, I'd wonder who the hell he is)
179) Levin started speaking Spanish? ignore him, I hate language barriers and am not interested in learning Spanish
180) Hisashi decided to wear a mohawk? decide some Jrockers are just nuts
181) Kyo did parapara? I'd squee over how cute he is
182) Chachamaru cut his hair? wonder who the hell he is before sneezing and getting on with life
183) Toshi left his cult? don't know Toshi and don't know his opinion
184) Sakito assassinated the Emperor of Japan? there are still emperors in Japan?
185) Ryou popped out of your closet? call the police
186) Takuro picked his nose during an interview? laugh then ignore him for the rest of the interview (but not before wondering who the hell he is)

187) First JRock song you ever heard? first song I heard that I knew was Jrock was 'Haruka Kanata' by ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION
188) Song that best captures JRock? 'Neogrotesque' by PIERROT because the lyrics are really expressive and kind of shows how Jrock can be sung with such 'unique' and 'different' lyrics
189) Song best performed live? hmm...all of PIERROT's songs I guess, Kirito's really good at riling up the crowd
190) Song that turns you on? I love Kirito's 'ha's in 'Smiley Skeleton' by PIERROT
191) Sappiest? ...none that I know of or bothered to look up english translations for (since I only have PIERROT and some Diru lyrics)
192) Happiest? 'Barairo no Sekai' by PIERROT even though the song is a kind of 'illusion of happiness'
193) Saddest? HYDE's songs...they're too darn emotional
194) Best for head-banging? 'FREAKS' by PIERROT
195) Best for dancing? 'Yuuyami Suicide' by PIERROT, swinging side to side like Kirito in the PV ♥
196) Best for driving? I don't drive...maybe 'Driver's High' by L'Arc~en~Ciel?
197) Best for summer? PIERROT songs
198) Best for winter? Dir en grey songs
199) Best for Halloween? 'CREATURE' by PIERROT
200) Best for Christmas? 'Jingle Bell' by Miyavi (even though it's not exacly christmasy)
201) Best party song? 'Neogrotesque' by PIERROT
202) Makes you hungry? 'Berry' by Dir en grey (I know...I'm disturbingly weird...but I love berries..)
203) Makes you sleepy? any Jrock band I don't have an interest in...I'd sleep through screaming vocals even...
204) Makes you angry? any PIERROT song sung by HIDELOW *stabs*
205) Makes you hyper? Miyavi songs XD
206) Makes you think of snow? Powder Snow by PIERROT (I adore Kirito's growls in there that sound like a howling wind X3)
207) Makes you think of flowers? DOOR by Kirito (his new single *____*)
208) Makes you think of vampires? Dracula by PIERROT
209) Makes you think of the moon? THE CAPE OF STORMS by HYDE mostly because it was the theme for the Kagen no Tsuki movie, and Shinkei ga Wareru Atsui Yoru by PIERROT
210) Makes you think of water? Kasumi by Dir en grey (I blame it on the gorgeous PV)
211) Makes you think of rain? ACID RAIN by PIERROT
212) Song you'd like played at your wedding? Neogrotesque by PIERROT though my mom'd probably kill me for even suggesting that...
213) Song you'd like played at your funeral? Last Letter by PIERROT very soft and haunting...
214) Song that would go best in a movie? PIERROT songs
215) Song that would go best in an anime? PIERROT songs
216) Song that would go best in a video game? Dir en grey songs
217) Best intro? Neogrotesque by PIERROT with Kirito's 'UWOH!' and Aiji's 'YEAHYEAHYEAHYEAH!!!' *____*
218) Best ending? PIERROT songs and some Dir en grey songs...can't think of specific ones...
219) Best guitar solo? any of Aiji's (PIERROT), especially the incredibly quick ones and his riffs
220) Best bass line? haven't really paid much attention to bass solos...
221) Best acoustic guitar work? erm...HYDE unplugged?
222) Best piano work? THE CAPE OF STORMS by HYDE
223) Best drum work? Jesus Christ R'n R by Dir en the heavy drums Shinya does
224) Best vocals? any of Kirito (PIERROT) and Kyo (Dir en grey)
225) Best written? I really like all of the themes used in PIERROT and Dir en grey's lyrics, especially with Kirito and Kyo writing all of their bands' lyrics.

263) B'z: Koshi? "...hi..."
264) B'z: Tak? "...hi to you too..."
265) baroque: Ryou? same as above
266) baroque: Kei? same as above
267) baroque: Akira? same as above
268) baroque: Bansaku? same as above
269) Dir en grey: Kaoru? "...nice-to-meet-you-please-don't-act-scary!!!"
270) Dir en grey: Die? "Die-san, nice to meet you! I love your short red hair, please don't change it...this month..."
271) Dir en grey: Toshiya? "hello Totchi, I love your VK costumes!"
272) Dir en grey: Shinya? give him a subtle smile since he might as well be ignoring me...
273) Dir en grey: Kyo? glomp him and watch him bite my arms off ^_____^
274) Due'le Quartz: ask for pictures of Miyabi in drag
275) Miyavi? convince him in 3 seconds, or get dragged by him, to go to the nearest amusemnt park and ride every ride including the rollercoaster I am so afraid of before emptying a candy store 8D
the questions below are just added by me because of the freak that I am
276) Pierrot: TAKEO? see answer to 269
277) Pierrot: KOHTA? ask him to teach me to play kendama XD
278) Pierrot: Jun? glomp him and take pictures
279) Pierrot: Aiji? ask him to teach me to play guitar and maybe go shopping together X3
280) Pierrot: Kirito? *faint* *gets back up and plagues the poor guy for 2454354353241277586 autographs* *faints of happiness* I'd serious be happy to die if I really get to meet Kirito...I'd love to have a long conversation with him too (even though I don't know any Japanese) and ask him for explanations on some of his lyrics ♥

wishful thinking brings so much disappointment...but I'm willing to sacrafice ^____^ I'm in the process of making a Kirito winamp skin (because there are absolutely NO TRACES of any already existing...) and I've recently completed a Kirito and Kyo wallpaper that I will post up later...oh and before I forget, visit Human Gate my new graphics journal, I just recently went on a Kirito-avatar spree and will upload a lot of my new (and way better-looking than the ones I already have up) creations soon ♥ ohohoh!!! AND Kirito's album Hameln is available for preorder on CDJapan!!! it's official release date as of now is August 3rd and his single DOOR's release date has been pushed up to be 3 days earlier than before and is coming out July 3rd!!! I am sooooo getting those! everyone must support him!!!


Thursday, June 09, 2005

Kirito's 'DOOR' PV~~~! ♥

Listening to: Kirito - DOOR


DOOR Single Limited Edition Cover



♥♥ \♥___♥/ ♥♥



All hail the mighty Kirito!

He is the most gorgeous thing alive ♥3♥ I really am itching to buy this now, I've already downloaded the PV for DOOR that was shown on TV and the ripped mp3 version of said video, but I still want to buy the single just to support my awesome Kirito-sama~~~! (plus, I still don't have the c/w track >___>)

I really wish the PV had more colours to it though, but Kirito's half-open shirt is enough to keep me nosebleeding for the next few weeks *swoons* if Kirito with sexy shirt isn't enough, then Kirito playing guitar and singing at the same time is...ahh~~~!

I also read somewhere that Kirito's album is costing him guitars since he bought 3 new guitars for the first 3 tracks XD what an adorable dork ♥ ever notice ♥s keep popping up every time I mention Kirito (♥)? that's because I ♥ him with all my ♥ *gets stabbed by fangirl haters*

I've got a wishlist now:

1. Meet Kirito (♥) and/or get all the magazines he's ever appeared in

2. Buy Kirito's (♥) debut single, 'DOOR'

3. Finish my sorry attempt of a translation for Kirito's (♥) song 'DOOR' (including kanji, romanji and English)

4. Write a fanfiction that's Kirito (♥) and Kyo centered, but is not overly cliche or PWP...or graphic in any sexual sense

5. Attempt to paint Kirito (♥) in his Neogurotesuku (or Smiley Skeleton) outfit

6. Attend Kirito's (♥) first solo live tour 'The Fef of Hamelin' (even though it's in August and I probably won't be able to T____T *heart bleeds*)

7. Slim down a bit so I can cosplay the overly stick-skinny Kirito (♥) better...

8. Get a job just so I can spend it all on Kirito (♥) merchandise XD

9. Create a new layout that features no one but Kirito (♥) just so I can admire him 24/7

10. Finish the shrine I am making dedicated to Kirito (♥) that will house a large collection of my Kirito (♥) rants *gets stabbed again*


now, to rant about the PV...basically, there isn't much to it, it isn't 'in-your-face', but I'm still satisfied (for now *maniacal laugh*) it basically starts off with him walking up some stairs, then you see his (awesomely black) guitar being played. after that, you get the wicked chair scene where he sits on the chair and sings ♥ the chair itself is pretty cool too, it's kind of like a candleabra shape...which then transits into him singing while playing the guitar *squee* and transits back into the guitar & sing scene before transiting back AGAIN into the chair scene...that's when the colour seeps back in and he is shown in a white shirt lying on a bed *dirty thoughts* >____> on the bed, he seems to try to get up, but can't and falls back (awww, poor Kiri-sama)...more scenes of the struggle and some random (but cool-looking) staticy TV...after a while the TV shows him playing guitar & singing (sadly in black-and-white with static to boot)...he also shivers a bit when the scene changes back to colour and the bed (makes me wanna glomp him~~~)...back to the chair and guitar transitions...then he FINALLY manages to get up and shows this adorable sleepy/tired/sad face ♥ >___< ♥ as if that's not enough, the chorus picks up and he picks at his guitar harder for the upbeat melody...there's also this short scene of him covering his mouth and looking like he's in great pain (T______T)...after that, some addicting guitar playing before Kirito-in-colour stands up and pushes open this door with square holes in it...some random clock/TV/guitar-playing scenes later, you get to see his pretty white outfit in whole (it's actually just a white hoodie with matching pants, but anything worn by Kirito is enough to make me swoon ♥)...more depressing-Kirito where he covers his mouth, puts his hand on his head, and some other confusing acts of Kirito-ness before he starts smoking XD Kirito + cigar = insanely sexy...more guitar-pounding, singing-in-chair, sad-face-making, emotional-singing, sexy-chest-showing, somehow-magically-returning-to-bed, somehow-returning-to-bed-and-then-opening-door-again, a few let's-trash-my-almost-empty-living-room before the chair & guitar sequence once again returns...then somehow, he once again returns to that nice bed and angsts, gets up in frustration, walks slowly as he threatens the door and then pushing the door open (for the third time) to reveal some sort of light-of-heaven...the guitar stops playing here as he puts the back of his hand up to his mouth, which then fades to white, which fades to black again and to the scene at the beginning where he's walking up the stairs...all in all, full of Kirito and his chest, don't forget the chest ♥ goodness~~~!

for leechers, you can find the PV at Tonberry, watch it then go buy the single, it comes out July 6~~~

So in other words, my life can be pretty much summed up to equal KIRITO (♥) this obsession is my favorite drug and I'm quite happy with my current state thank-you-very-much-fangirl-haters XP


Friday, June 03, 2005

KOHTA's 30 birthday! and my Diru rant....



yupyup! it's the 30 birthday of KOHTA, bassist of the awesome band PIERROT! he's turning 30 (so unbelievable he's 30 already...)!
I really wanna hug him, especially seeing him with his doggie during that ZY photoshoot (sooo cute~~~)

yea, I know I'm late for the Diru rant...I also know no one reads this...but I'm going to rant here goes:
introductions first! Kyo is vocalist/lyricallist, Kaoru is guitarist/leader, Die is guitarist, Toshiya is bassist, and Shinya is drums...I'm sure most people already know that, and since they're a visual kei band, I've made pics of them in and out of drag their costumes:
Kyo (Vocals) Kaoru (Guitar) Die (Guitar) Toshiya (Bass) Shinya (Drums)
to say the least, Kyo's definitely my favorite. I have a thing for dorks who act tough on stage (think Kirito...) ^____^ since I haven't really been into Diru (okay, Dir en grey for those who still haven't caught on...) for long enough, I'm still not that familiar with them, but what I know I will relentlessly shove into your faces >=D Kyo's the dorky vocalist (who's adorably adorable in an adorable way when he's offstage...waiiii~~~) who writes lyrics for all (?) of Diru's songs - and vows to never write a happy ending for a song (but who needs a cliche happy ending when you have wicked music? not me XP), onstage, he's all about 'scaring' his fans (or in some cases, 'entertaining' them) by covering his body in various gross (in the cool way) makeup that makes him look like a zombie/piece of rotten meat/etc. and/or emitting liquids such as 'blood' and 'slug stew'...he also does some physical damage to himself onstage (real damage and not those fake scars celebrities get to look cool *grumbles*) like slamming his microphone against his chest and drawing blood (aww...looks painful Kyo-chan...) he also hates being called 'cute' or 'Kyo-chan' ( bad *snicker*) the most obvious thing about him is his various piercings all over his face (most of them look quite painful), some under his lower lip, some on his nose, some on his eyebrows, etc...his singing voice is really deep and soothing when he sings slow songs, but he can also make it screechy when he does his screaming vocals ♥ the reason I'm rambling on about Kyo is because I honestly have not much interest the other members *gets mauled over by angry Diru fans* maybe they are 'interesting', but I'm infatuated with Kirito (PIERROT) and Kyo for the most part...I'll still rant about what little I know about the others...Kaoru's the guitarist-and-leader-dude who makes decisions and such for the band, he's also deemed the 'scary' one (though Kyo's costumes are WAY more scary) of the band, I think he's the 'father' figure (just like TAKEO is for PIERROT) then there's Die, the hunky guitarist whose smile can make you melt ♥ even though I am not obsessed in him in any way, he's still very dreamy (especially with the short red hair he had for a while *____*), Die and Kaoru are best friends too ^___^ Toshiya is the...erm...'flirty' bassist who loves to show off his looks (which are something to brag about *___*) and looks good in drag as no one else can XD he's also got really cute crooked teeth and a really nice laugh *swoon* then comes Shinya, about the first drummer in any Jrock band I know who is the most feminine member O____o he's got like a tiny body, but wicked muscles to have beat the rythmn needed for Diru's hard songs, all in all, he's an enigma and doesn't talk often, he's also the one to wear drag most often (even after their indies days...) in my opinion, I don't like Shinya-in-drag as much as Shinya-as-man because Shinya-in-drag is really convincing and makes him look a bit TOO MUCH like a girl >____> no offense to Shinya himself of course...

after introducing members, here are some songs I reccommend with all my ♥ :
Akuro no Oka - a really sweet slow song that picks up somewhere in the middle with a nice drum beat in the background and lovely guitars accompanied by Kyo's 'soft voice' that's gentle and strong at the same time, makes me wanna cry...sorta - ain't afraid to die - the twin song to Akura no Oka, with the same sad theme and this time, Kyo's vocals are really something, it's emotional and fades in and out at times, the beat is very slow, but serves the theme well, the PV was really beautiful *____* - embryo - "my sweet mother...deadly sweet mother" after those lyrics, who wouldn't love this song? Kyo does some slow 'rapping' in the beginning in his soft voice that picks up after a while into a sad, deep chorus, I love the way the guitars sound like high pitched pianos ^____^ - FILTH - okay, so the PV was slightly disturbing...but not as disturbing as OBSCURE >__> I really like the effects Kyo does to his voice, there's a lot of growling and voice distortion in this, so if that's your cup of tea, download "FIL~TH HI, FIL~TH HI" - Mr.NEWSMAN - I love this song, it's soo synthsized-ish and pure bouncy (in my opinion, anything fast-paced and involves cool guitar lines is bouncy XP) and the chorus is really deep and flowing X3 the PV was cute too...Kyo hates newsmen *snickers* - Yokan - my FAVORITE Diru song, and not because the PV was...interesting...because there's less distorted voice things, I love Kyo's un-distorted voice, the chorus' really catchy, it's almost like a 'normal' mainstream Jrock song, but still has a distinct Diru feel (probably induced by Kyo's lovable voice ♥) I've still got 5 days of their Blitz 5Days tour to watch XD so far, I don't like Kyo's gross-stuff-spitting much, but I'm sure I'll get used to it for the sake of Diru in my ♥ (that's competing with PIERROT for first place X3)

on that note, I'm off to see if there's any PIERROT PVs I HAVEN'T downloaded...I've already got their ENTIRE discography except COCOON, which is ironic since I've got like 2 LIVEs of it and it's PV, but not the mp3 =.= seriously...oh well, worship the Kirito and Kyo who are my GODS...nyah, I think I'm getting addicted to Kyo x Kirito fanfiction *____* even if it's friendly (or in some cases, hatred) interaction, I'd love to read any fanfics about them...maybe because for some reason, the only person I could think of to 'dominate' Kirito is Kyo...even though Kyo's 3 years younger than and my ROGGIKU XP