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Friday, May 27, 2005 have been loved...

Listening to: reila by Gazette


it's Reita-sama's 24th birthday today! for those of you who don't know, Reita's the bassist of Gazette, a j-rock band that recently became really popular...they're also the band that sang Reila, my favorite out of all their works X3 photos:

Ruki (Vocals) Aoi (Guitar) Uruha (Guitar) Reita (Bass) Kai (Drums)

Ruki's the youngest, but he's got such a gorgeous deep voice, it makes up for that...he's also really pretty with heavey makeup *___* then there's Aoi and Uruha on guitars (is it just me or does every J-rock band have one vocalist, two guitars, one bass and one drummer?), they sound really great, especially in Reila, the melody's really sad and beautiful. Reita's most known for his nose band thingy, probably because he's the first (I've seen) to use something like that and keep it as a 'trademark', his bass is really nice, though I need to download more of their songs to find a bass solo...then there's the drummer, Kai...I don't know much about him (is it just me or does almost every j-rock drummer seem so quiet/shy/cold/mysterious/unknown?) ahh well...onto the music reccomendations...first off, of course, is Reila which everyone will download so they could shut me up, then there's Anata no Tame no kono Inochi - a really nice song with a bouncy/catchy tune, Haru ni Chirikeri, Mi wa Kareru de Gozaimasu. - a song that strangely reminds me of Dir en grey >___> for those who like shouting and band choruses, check out No.[666] - the beat's funky and there's squeaky voices somewhere in there, the PV for this song is really freaky...lots of blood and needles *shiver* more shouting can be found in Ruder - it's got some shouting and a very slurred feel to it, the guitars are nice in there too, just like in every other of their songs...for less slurry or screaming songs, and some random talking, check out Tokyo Shinjuu, Ruki's nice voice is very clear and emotional in there ♥

It's pretty late already, so I will just save my Diru rant for tomorrow *evil snicker* once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO REITA! *throws confetti in general direction of Japan*