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Sunday, May 08, 2005

I bring you...the Typhoon of the Rose Attack on X-mas (shortened ver. TRAX)!

Listening to: Reminiscence by Shinhwa


the promised post on my new favorite Korean Rock band, the TRAX, is here! Don't ask my why their name is so...unique...because I have no clue! ^_________^ ahem...onto the eyecandy...

Typhoon (Vocals) Rose (Drums) Attack (Guitar) X-mas (Bass)

is it me or is Typhoon the only one with distinct not-puffy hair? meh, they're still cool either way XP so begins my rant:

Typhoon is my second favorite member because I love his voice, it's very clear yet slightly husky X3 my favorite member is Rose - whom I swear is a guy *glares you down* - because I love his drumming, especially when he twirls the drumsticks during the Paradox PV *o* then comes X-mas, whom I like because he has cool red - well, mahogany... - hair XD and Attack sorta freaks me out sometimes, though I swear he looks like Richie Ren (the Chinese actor) O____o

their music isn't as popular as Shinhwa - my FAVORITE Korean boy-band *x* - but I adore Paradox, On the Road, and Over the Rainbow - the two latter of which are from their Japanese album! I like the rapping in there too - mostly because Rose looks gorgeous rapping in the Paradox PV *r* - even though I hate rap in general...anyone interested in Korean bands, please check them out. I also found an LJ community dedicated to them here, go visit!

now that I've ranted about those Korean guys and their gorgeousness, I'm going to rant about Japanese men: HYDE (from L'Arc~en~Ciel) and Gackt! I just finished watching their Making of MoonChild thing and it was sooo cute~♥ I loved the teasing and interaction between HYDE and Gackt! too bad HYDE's married...he'd make a cute couple with Gackt X3 it was fun watching the female actor struggle in talking mandarin too, and her mandarin was horrible, maybe worse than my younger brother =.=U but the male Chinese actor's english was PERFECT! I practically jumped out of my seat when he started talking in English ^.^U Gackt's mandarin wasn't as bad as the female actor's, but there's still a slight accent in it, t'was fun watching them speak different languages with each other on the set though XD I soooo~ wanna see the movie now~~~! I'm downloading it off of WinMX and hopefully it can finish by Monday or Tuesday X3 *crosses fingers*

since I got onto the topic of movies, I'm going to rant about Miyavi's movie Oresama X3 well, basically, the entire movie was Miyavi eyecandy-goodness ♥♥♥ I love the dorky things he does, like his preparation to meet his mom when he went back in time! he was so cute when he mock-saluted X3 "Genki Madam" T.T *tears of laughter* I really wanna glomp him whenever I see that scene! then there's the awesome guitar scenes he did when he first dropped by his co-star (forgot his name)'s apartment X3 and the fanservice! *r* then there's the cool soccer tricks and his interaction with the kid (who was the past of himself) it was soo~ cute watching him acting older brother X3 the ending was kinda sad though T_____T but I really loved it~~~! ♥

and for those who actually read my posts, here's another treat, Kirito wallpaper, made by me! you can download the 800x600 or 1024x768 versions below under the PERFORMANCES menu, under the subheading Desktop ^.^ enjoy! (if you have a larger or different resolution and would like the wallpaper, just email me at and tell me your resolution size and I'll send you a custom one ^.^)