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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

celebrating Jun-san's birthday with a new layout (featuring his band)!

Listening to: AUTOMATION AIR by Pierrot


yesu! It's Jun (of Pierrot)'s birthday today! He's turning...*checks calender*...32 today! Jun's so huggable! I really love his live performances X3 I've also been reading fanfiction and he's...always uke ^.^U also all some of the time VERY naive...but that's Jun for you, ♥ In celebration, I present to you, empty.dreams version 12: DICTATOR'S CIRCUS!!! In case no one's noticed *coughIdoubtcough* I am attracted to Pierrot like a moth is to a lightbulb, like a positively charged molecule to a negatively charged molecule, like the moon to the earth, like the earth to the sun, like the sun to...erm...yeah...=__=U

I've also got one new affiliate/link exchanger, Shiva of SuavidadAmor.ORG! Go visit her domain in the links section (under PERFORMANCES) now and fall in love with her Seimaden layout! XD

Now, I'd like to reintroduce the TRAX, the korean rock band I had ranted about a few posts ago. The lead singer is called Typhoon (the T in TRAX), the drummer is called Rose (the R in TRAX), the black haired guitarist is Attack (the A in TRAX) and the red haired guitarist is X-mas ( guessed it...X in TRAX), the TRAX is supposed to be something like 'Typhoon of Roses Attack on X-mas' O______o yeah...go figure =.= but besides that, I love Typhoon's voice. They released a japanese track a few weeks ago and it sounds pretty good X3 I don't have many of their pictures so I can't really give any visual support right now, but I will, probably in the next post...

And once again, I've found another japanese (well...indies for now) rock band that has one song I absolutely adore. Gazette is a group of five guys who have just recently became mainstream (I think...) and I love their vocalist Meguru's voice! It's really deep and mysterious, but his indies songs are all very...slurry =.=...putting that aside, the song I ♥ with my soul is their 'Reila'. It's got the most beautiful guitar opening I've heard recently (done by Aoi, their lead guitarist) as well as the best chorus ever~~~! "Reila...Reila..." The PV is also complete eyecandy (minus the blond girl...), the other guitarist (not Aoi, but I don't know his name yet) has his hair and clothing done like Cloud Strife from the Advent Children movie *r* and Aoi's got a guitar solo in there! I also love Reita, the bassist(?)! He's the guy with the fabric around his nose all the time, appearing on more than one of the MP3 rotation sites I've been to, very unique ^.^

Well, that's enough ranting today...I think...I'm hoping to buy more clothes this weekend XD I already have one new white sleeveless vest with dangly things all over, two pink tops (both with see-through patterns), and one green top that's supposed to be in a korean's very revealing at the waist ^.^U I still need a poster of Pierrot so I can obsess over them in my room as well as on the computer XD I'm hoping to go to a J-rock convention some time...just need to find one that's in the Toronto area...and I've got piles of unwatched anime =__=...nyah, ja minna!