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Friday, April 08, 2005

skeletons and bones +++++

Listening to: Buddies Mega Mix by w-inds., FLAME, Lead


It's Faust-kun's birthday today!

Faust from Shaman King

Isn't he just prettiful? ^______^ though he's taken by Elisa T___T oh well, I've still got Hotaru to obsess over \(*o*)/ speaking of Hotaru, volume 30 is the BEST volume of SDK ever! It's half the life-story of Hotaru/Keikoku!!! *r* he was so cute when he had that vulnerable look on his face (the one where he thinks about the lil chick bowl - so kawaii!!! X3) and Anthony's wicked! I love the needles he has on his face *o* though they look kinda painful ^.^U and Yuan!!! I'm in love with him too, though he's a bit older than my tastes, he's still pretty bishie *glomps* and Hotaru x Yuan!!! oh I love the yaoi-ness of my thoughts \(^_________^)/ though Shinrei x Hotaru is on the same level in ranking...

Now for Angel Sanctuary, I've just finished reading volume 15 and it's so SAD!!! Kira dies!!! WHY KAORI YUKI-SAMA?! why did you have to (make Rosiel) kill him?! T_____T I need a tissue *uses up a whole box of tissue paper* and Michael! Poor poor Mikki-chan *cries all over again* It was so cute when he (sort of) admitted he loved his brother awwww *glomps* I love all the complicity Kaori Yuki-sama weaves in her stories, they're so...unexpected, for lack of a better word ^.^U

I've just downloaded more music XD and the Buddies Mega Mix by w-inds., FLAME and Lead is so good! It's a remix of 'Paradox' by w-inds., 'Bye My Love' by FLAME, and 'Show Me the Way' by Lead *r* ultra boy-band <3!!! I also downloaded a The Trax 'Paradox' music video and~!!! They're so bishie!!! O____O especially the (lead?) singer (guy with black short hair)!!! The blondish guy kinda does girlish poses though...but he's got cool clothes XD the guy with red hair doesn't sing much...he just pummels his guitar, but guitar-pummeling is cool so I still like it ^____________^ then there's the guy with long black and white hair...weird hairstyles throughout the entire vid, but still unique and he sings! X3 Pretty beat in their Paradox (not the w-inds. song)! Anyone know where I can get more of their music? Ahh all the Asian music glory *light-of-heaven-thing*

I also love the Naruto opening 'Seishun Kyousoukyoku' by Sambomaster!!! The way the guy sings 'SAKURA!' is soo cool! There's that slur thing in his voice and it's wicked! <3 Naruto!!!

Well, school's been evil as always and I need to work on two research projects this weekend _|¯|O WHY ME??? *shakes fist in the general direction of my school* hrmph.