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Friday, April 01, 2005

Kiss Me Shining, Kill Me Shining ~~~<3

Listening to: Fly Away by Fish Leong


Yesu yesu!!! It's Sakuma Ryuichi-sama's b-day today! Ryu-chan's the cutest thing ever in Gravitation, with Kumagaro of course X3

Sakuma Ryuichi from Gravitation

School's been hard lately *gasp* yes, it's actually taking me effort to keep my 90s =.=# I HATE Careers class, it's way boring and we're having an interview on Tuesday! Can you believe it?! A mock interview that is supposed to be as serious as a real live job interview since my marks count on it (worth 10% for the love of God!) *sends death glares* Art class is getting better since I've found teeny weeny tidbits anyways -.- Computers is easy as usual...I'm averaging a 104 and my teacher says I can sell the extra 4 percent +__+ I'm gonna make money *grins* I've also recently put Russian Soldiers back online: Surprise surprise ^.^b Anyways, on other unrelated notes, <3 is Hotaru x Shinrei, it's one of my favorite yaoi incest couples *r* Especially Hotaru-uke X3 Actually, Shinrei-uke and Hotaru-seme seems cute too *plots* Erm...I like Gaara too XD Naruto's my reserve lifeline at the moment (my main lifeline is Samurai Deeper Kyo \(^___^)/) Need...more...HotaShin!!! Nyah, I've still got one more volume of Get Backers to read (Akabane returns!!!) before I return my batch of 5 books tomorrow >__> Also, in case anyone reading this is an owner of a fanlisting I have joined, I'm going to put up a fanlistings directory thingy for the joinable sites I've joined soon...I'm slowly working through the Characters & Items section of the Anime/Manga side at the's taking me 3 days to get through just A-K =.= I've joined too much, but I'm ADDICTED!!! That's why I'm calling the directory 'Fatal Attraction' - I actually got that phrase from something in History class that described Adolf Hitler from the Germans' point of view, isn't that such a coincidence? ^.^U And before I forget, Happy April Fools Day everyone X3