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Friday, April 22, 2005

nothing but PIERROT

Listening to: Dramatic Neo Anniversary by Pierrot


Yeah, no update for two weeks, but I doubt anyone missed my rants...if you hate rants, I suggest you leave now because there's going to be a rant alright XP

First Cry in Hades (© Pierrot) ~ of course, if the post's title is about Pierrot, why wouldn't this post itself be? In other words, my newest obsession (probably even deeper than my obsession for anything so far) is the J-rock band, Pierrot!!! I ♥ all of the members, though my favorites are Kirito and Aiji, then second place goes to Jun because he's adorable *checks dictionary if the word adorable can be used for men over 25 years old* bah humbug XP erm...yea and Kohta and Takeo are cool too X3 Kirito (or Murata Shinya) is the lead singer and writer for the band, he's got a really cool personality, he's really wild in live concerts, but he's really polite and funny during (most) interviews. Just to add, Pierrot is a visual band, meaning they dress up for their concerts in very stylish (at least in my opinion) outfits that make them so kakkoi! Then comes Aiji, the composer (music writer) for the band and lead guitarist. He's really feminine-looking, but I love his attitude in live concerts! He's really self-confident (waiii!!!) and has that special face on when he plays X3 I love his performance in the Neo-grotesque PV!!! With the megaphone "YEAHYEAHYEAHYEAH!!!" ♥♥♥ Then Jun, the other guitarist (he plays a lot of solo parts too). I especially like it when he puts his mouth into that long 0 shape when he plays in live concerts X3 He's really bouncy too XD Kohta is the bassist (also Kirito's brother) and Takeo is the drummer. Those two look really cool together since they set the beats for the songs (drums and basses sound really nice together). I've downloaded so many of their songs and PVs my computer is running out of disk space ^.^U Here are some visual aids:

Kirito (Vocals/Lyricalist) Aiji (Guitar/Composer) Jun (Synth Guitar/Backup Vocals) Kohta (Bass) Takeo (Drums)

Songs I recommend for download include: Neo-grotesque (wicked beat and chorus), Smiley Skeleton (I love Kirito's 'ha's in there X3), CREATURE, DAYBREAK, Dracula, FOLLOWER, HOME SICK, Nounai Morphine, Nuclear Sky, MAD SKY~Goutetsu no Messia~, PURPLE SKY, screen 1 Torikago, Enemy, UNMASK, Waltz, Yuugai no Tenshi, Yuuyami Suicide and EVERY OTHER SONG THEY HAVE!!! XD I just love them so much, their live concerts are so worth watching (I've downloaded them to watch since I can't get out of the country while there's school T____T) the fanservice is cute too, Kirito mostly chooses Aiji as his fanservice partner, but he goes to Jun sometimes too ^.^ he doesn't go to the other two because one's his brother (Kohta) and the other's a drummer with a heck of a lot of equipment to handle ^.^U If you're into Japanese Rock (they sing mainstream rock, so there's some soft songs in there), then Pierrot's definitely your cup of tea, now GO OBSESS OVER THEM!!!

Second Cry in Hades (1/2 © Pierrot) See a pattern? XP ~ Anyways, second order of business is the adorable Miyavi!!! (and yes, I use adorable for people over 20 a lot so XP) A lot of people know him as -Ga-Miyavi (can't make the Japanese symbol, sorry), and some know him as Miyabi (with a 'b') from Due'le quartz (they disbanded in 2002), and I know him as 'THE MOST ADORABLE THING ALIVE'. If you've watched him, you know how cute he is X3 I just wanna give him a big glomp X3 He's got piercings on his top right eyebrow, through his bottom right lip and on the left side of his nose, plus I-don't-know-how-many on his ears. And he's got tattoos all over his arms and back (and around his collar too). But they don't look intimidating at all, in fact, I find them very pretty. His songs are also very unique, as unique as...the most unique thing alive! XD He puts a lot of emotion into his music and jumps around a LOT when he shoots his music videos and concerts, it's like he is on a permanent sugar-high X3 Especially in his movie Oresama. That is definitely a cute plot-less bunch of fun XD the ending had a kind of sad undertone to it, but overall, I'd say Miyavi eyecandy is enough to keep you glued to your seat/whatever-you're-sitting-on. I recommend Coo Quack Cluck, Shindemo Boogie Woogie (bunches of fun), Jingle Bell, Jibun Kakumei -2003-, Joushou Gaidou, Girls Be Ambitious, and POP is Dead! ♥♥♥ His guitar playing is also awesome, it's just so good you HAVE to see for yourself, he's a solo artist and loves his fans a lot. He's really sweet X3 Everyone should join the Miyavism!!! XD And of course, here's a visual aid for those who want eyecandy:

Miyavi~King of Guitars

Last Cry in Hades (© Pierrot) ~ Just as a finish, I'm going to the mall tomorrow (saturday) and I'm hoping to buy a Pierrot shirt XD as well as get my hair cut like Miyavi's. My hair's too long and thick so I'm planning on thinning it out...Well, I got my midterm report card and my average is 94.5, I got 88 in Art, 92 in Careers (I'm done that half-course now...onto Civics T____T), 98 in Math, and 100 (well, it's supposed to be 103, but I guess report cards can't handle numbers above 100?) in Computers...For some reason, I don't really care about my long as my average is in the 90s and I have nothing below 85 I'm happy =) Nyah, the anime fan inside of me is slowly 'withering to death' (© Dir en grey), but the j-rock fan inside of me is exploding KA-BOOM XD Man I love J-Rock Xd

Now, as a treat for anyone who read through that whole thing or even just scrolled down to here, I've made an Aiji Winamp Skin, it can be downloaded under my Desktop section ^.^ Please give me credit to this skin because it took me three days to make ^.^U Enjoy!


Friday, April 08, 2005

skeletons and bones +++++

Listening to: Buddies Mega Mix by w-inds., FLAME, Lead


It's Faust-kun's birthday today!

Faust from Shaman King

Isn't he just prettiful? ^______^ though he's taken by Elisa T___T oh well, I've still got Hotaru to obsess over \(*o*)/ speaking of Hotaru, volume 30 is the BEST volume of SDK ever! It's half the life-story of Hotaru/Keikoku!!! *r* he was so cute when he had that vulnerable look on his face (the one where he thinks about the lil chick bowl - so kawaii!!! X3) and Anthony's wicked! I love the needles he has on his face *o* though they look kinda painful ^.^U and Yuan!!! I'm in love with him too, though he's a bit older than my tastes, he's still pretty bishie *glomps* and Hotaru x Yuan!!! oh I love the yaoi-ness of my thoughts \(^_________^)/ though Shinrei x Hotaru is on the same level in ranking...

Now for Angel Sanctuary, I've just finished reading volume 15 and it's so SAD!!! Kira dies!!! WHY KAORI YUKI-SAMA?! why did you have to (make Rosiel) kill him?! T_____T I need a tissue *uses up a whole box of tissue paper* and Michael! Poor poor Mikki-chan *cries all over again* It was so cute when he (sort of) admitted he loved his brother awwww *glomps* I love all the complicity Kaori Yuki-sama weaves in her stories, they're so...unexpected, for lack of a better word ^.^U

I've just downloaded more music XD and the Buddies Mega Mix by w-inds., FLAME and Lead is so good! It's a remix of 'Paradox' by w-inds., 'Bye My Love' by FLAME, and 'Show Me the Way' by Lead *r* ultra boy-band <3!!! I also downloaded a The Trax 'Paradox' music video and~!!! They're so bishie!!! O____O especially the (lead?) singer (guy with black short hair)!!! The blondish guy kinda does girlish poses though...but he's got cool clothes XD the guy with red hair doesn't sing much...he just pummels his guitar, but guitar-pummeling is cool so I still like it ^____________^ then there's the guy with long black and white hair...weird hairstyles throughout the entire vid, but still unique and he sings! X3 Pretty beat in their Paradox (not the w-inds. song)! Anyone know where I can get more of their music? Ahh all the Asian music glory *light-of-heaven-thing*

I also love the Naruto opening 'Seishun Kyousoukyoku' by Sambomaster!!! The way the guy sings 'SAKURA!' is soo cool! There's that slur thing in his voice and it's wicked! <3 Naruto!!!

Well, school's been evil as always and I need to work on two research projects this weekend _|¯|O WHY ME??? *shakes fist in the general direction of my school* hrmph.


Friday, April 01, 2005

Kiss Me Shining, Kill Me Shining ~~~<3

Listening to: Fly Away by Fish Leong


Yesu yesu!!! It's Sakuma Ryuichi-sama's b-day today! Ryu-chan's the cutest thing ever in Gravitation, with Kumagaro of course X3

Sakuma Ryuichi from Gravitation

School's been hard lately *gasp* yes, it's actually taking me effort to keep my 90s =.=# I HATE Careers class, it's way boring and we're having an interview on Tuesday! Can you believe it?! A mock interview that is supposed to be as serious as a real live job interview since my marks count on it (worth 10% for the love of God!) *sends death glares* Art class is getting better since I've found teeny weeny tidbits anyways -.- Computers is easy as usual...I'm averaging a 104 and my teacher says I can sell the extra 4 percent +__+ I'm gonna make money *grins* I've also recently put Russian Soldiers back online: Surprise surprise ^.^b Anyways, on other unrelated notes, <3 is Hotaru x Shinrei, it's one of my favorite yaoi incest couples *r* Especially Hotaru-uke X3 Actually, Shinrei-uke and Hotaru-seme seems cute too *plots* Erm...I like Gaara too XD Naruto's my reserve lifeline at the moment (my main lifeline is Samurai Deeper Kyo \(^___^)/) Need...more...HotaShin!!! Nyah, I've still got one more volume of Get Backers to read (Akabane returns!!!) before I return my batch of 5 books tomorrow >__> Also, in case anyone reading this is an owner of a fanlisting I have joined, I'm going to put up a fanlistings directory thingy for the joinable sites I've joined soon...I'm slowly working through the Characters & Items section of the Anime/Manga side at the's taking me 3 days to get through just A-K =.= I've joined too much, but I'm ADDICTED!!! That's why I'm calling the directory 'Fatal Attraction' - I actually got that phrase from something in History class that described Adolf Hitler from the Germans' point of view, isn't that such a coincidence? ^.^U And before I forget, Happy April Fools Day everyone X3