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named after... fenix's new favorite (physically, not to eat) fruit, the cherry, and her favorite number, nine (9)! cherryNINE! that means there will be nine colors of cherries (layout theme colors) used, with repeats later on...the 'black cherry' used for my profile was stolen from inspired by a Gazette song X]


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fenix = black cherry

angel, fenix, unique, female, Canada, 100% chinese, speak english+mandarin, 1989.09.09, mahogany dye, dark eyes, snake zodiac, virgo, high school, black+red, sushi, mint choco-chip icecream, horror/mystery, Jrock, PIERROT, KIRITO, Slytherin, blogger, AudioScrobbler.'s an obsession.
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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

It's Mercury this time...tidbits from MERCURY...don't ask why

Listening to: Wu Juang by Mayday


March Break is boring me into the deepest darkest depths of human boredom (and for your information, that is worse than Hell). I haven't done anything memorable...well, so maybe I have...sorta...I've moved all of my beyblade fanlistings (except for the Neoborg one...) to Kuro-no-Suzaku.NET (thanks Saya!!!), which means Burning Greed (Black Dranzer Fanlisting) has been moved, Liberation (Mihaeru Fanlisting) has been renamed and redone, and Melt My Heart (Takao & Yuriy Fanlisting) has been renamed and redone as well. I'm still looking for proper graphics for Russian Soldiers (which is still on an undefined hiatus =.=) and trying to overcome the demon of Procrastination in order to put Void of Soul back online. It's hard work! So very, hmph...I'm also closing down Existant Dream, my MAR Fanlisting since it never was a 'success' or anything and I'm not that interested in MAR much anymore. I know I've said I'm going to make a new layout a few millenia weeks ago, but that may not happen until I develop a nag to make a wonderously gorgeous layout to replace the current one featuring drool-over-able Light-sama, GOD OF THE NEW WORLD!!!~~<3 Naruto's been growing on might just turn out to be a Gaara layout *glomps the lovable Kazekage* And before I forget, Happy White Day everyone (two days late, but w/e) even though I'm not a guy...I've made a present for everyone, an Edward Elric Winamp Skin! It's avaliable for direct download down in the 'My Desktop' section, go grab, but don't you DARE steal! You have to link back to this site ( if you are going to put it on your site and if you ask me by e-mail (, that would be appreciated too. Yea, peace out while I go do whatever it is that I do when I procrastinate =__=b