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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

It's Mercury this time...tidbits from MERCURY...don't ask why

Listening to: Wu Juang by Mayday


March Break is boring me into the deepest darkest depths of human boredom (and for your information, that is worse than Hell). I haven't done anything memorable...well, so maybe I have...sorta...I've moved all of my beyblade fanlistings (except for the Neoborg one...) to Kuro-no-Suzaku.NET (thanks Saya!!!), which means Burning Greed (Black Dranzer Fanlisting) has been moved, Liberation (Mihaeru Fanlisting) has been renamed and redone, and Melt My Heart (Takao & Yuriy Fanlisting) has been renamed and redone as well. I'm still looking for proper graphics for Russian Soldiers (which is still on an undefined hiatus =.=) and trying to overcome the demon of Procrastination in order to put Void of Soul back online. It's hard work! So very, hmph...I'm also closing down Existant Dream, my MAR Fanlisting since it never was a 'success' or anything and I'm not that interested in MAR much anymore. I know I've said I'm going to make a new layout a few millenia weeks ago, but that may not happen until I develop a nag to make a wonderously gorgeous layout to replace the current one featuring drool-over-able Light-sama, GOD OF THE NEW WORLD!!!~~<3 Naruto's been growing on might just turn out to be a Gaara layout *glomps the lovable Kazekage* And before I forget, Happy White Day everyone (two days late, but w/e) even though I'm not a guy...I've made a present for everyone, an Edward Elric Winamp Skin! It's avaliable for direct download down in the 'My Desktop' section, go grab, but don't you DARE steal! You have to link back to this site ( if you are going to put it on your site and if you ask me by e-mail (, that would be appreciated too. Yea, peace out while I go do whatever it is that I do when I procrastinate =__=b


Thursday, March 10, 2005

I am in ~<3

Listening to: Romeo & Juliet by Mayday


LoveLOVElove!!! Did I mention L~O~V~E??? Yesu, I am in lovu XP with bands of course XD Mayday, w-inds., Shinhwa, Anson Hu, Asian Kung-Fu Generation, Hyde, Orange Range and a whole bunch of other random Asian groups/artists ~<3<3<3 Asian Pop~Rock is so addictive!!!

I've just begun to listen to Chinese (mostly Mandarin) groups and they've been on my mind ever since *n* Especially Mayday!!! Ashin and Monster!!! X3 Gotta love the Asian dudes with demented music videos (though they're somehow cute at the same time) and beautiful voices ne? Though I think Monster should've thought of a better english name...Beast maybe?? I know his Chinese name is Sheng Shou (Legendary Beast) but Monster seems...kinda...scary *cowers* Anyways, there are five members all together, Ashin (lead vocal), Monster (guitarist), Masa/Matthew (bass), Richard Stone (guitarist) and Ming (drums) Love them all!!! Especially pretty-voice Ashin! They actually had a live concert in LA on February 19 this year, but I missed it T____T WHY??? *stabs school* But that's where all my obsession started from. I was surfing the net for MP3 rotation sites and found one called Fiction. It seems the webmistress attended the concert and put up their songs because of it. I fell in ~<3 immediately and thus began my obsession over Asian music XD a lot of their songs are named after fictional characters like Chao Ren (Superman), Sun Wu Kong (Son Goku/Monkey King), Romeo & Juliet (...), etc. and I also love Wu Juang (Armor) and Wen Nuan (Tenderness) They also have an official site at iMayday That's where I found my new wallpaper and the wacky music videos ^.^U (to see them, go to the 7th link on the menu, it's three characters) EVERYONE GO SEE~!!!

NEXT~~~w-inds.!!! Well, how should I say this...I mostly got into them again because of a video clip ^.^U It was an episode of Genki Dash (some Japanese game show I think) where w-inds. were invited to draw bears (kuma) it was WAY funny!!! Ryuiichi's kuma looked...erm...cartoon-deformed, like one of those really old Mickey Mouse things =.=U!!! Next was Ryohei-kun, at first, he just wrote 'kuma' the word (kawaii~) and then they find out that what he drew under that was supposed to be a bear...but instead was a really freaky eye-looking thing...then he finally showed his 'bear' drawing, only to reveal a very deformed - mouse ^.^U (I wonder if Ryohei knows what a real bear looks like? -.-U) and then there was Keita ~<3 first he drew a 'tsuma' (sp?) which I have no idea what it is, but looks like a woman =.=??, and then he revealed the most surprising thing ever...Pooh-san!?! Yes, Pooh from Winnie the Pooh!!! I hate Winnie the Pooh, but Keita's drawing was so top-notch X3 *worships* Anyways, there's also their music, some of the most upbeat songs are Game (wicked I tell ya) and Love Train (also very cool) both from their Prime of Life album (love all the tracks ~<3) well, rock on w-inds.!!! King Keita! XD that's what someone at Raimu Ichigo (another MP3 rotation site) called Keita and it sounded catchy X3

All of my~All of my~Shinhwa!!! I just adore their song 'All of My...' from their Brand New album!!! Of course, Brand New is a good song too X3 They're the only Korean group I listen to with the exception of BoA. I really like it when they do soft songs because Hyesung's voice is so suited to it X3 I like their occasional rapping too, and the nice beats *dances* I've just recently found (Chinese content) and I've been downloading songs like crazy XD they have large amounts of Asian music (mostly Japanese, Chinese and Korean) the weird navigation has made me start to wish I could relearn Chinese XD Anyways, back to Shinhwa, there's so much to love about them, they sing lots of ballads, dance music and some rap but all of their music is beautiful especially 'Change' and 'Only One' *r*

Now Anson Hu was also brought to my attention from a MP3 rotation site (forgot the name) and he's the latest craze in Taiwan right now. He reminds me of an actor or something...but his songs are written by himself and has many unique lyrics that you don't find in other songs like 'lao ba bie zhuang ku' (father don't pretend to be sad) like I said, VERY unique ^.^b His songs are usually either slow love songs or upbeat rejection songs and/or proposal songs XD they're really cute, makes you wanna hug him for making such kawaii lyrics X3 There's not much I can say about him since I haven't really even seen a full-size image of him as of yet, but I do know he's 19 ^.^b

Moving on to rock bands...Asian Kung-Fu Generation...who hasn't heard of them? They're the famed group that did Naruto's 2nd Opening Theme 'Haruka Kanata' as well as Hagane no Renkinjutsushi/FullMetal Alchemist's 4th Opening Theme 'REWRITE'! I've looked them up (sorta) and all of their album covers focus on simple yet detailed pictures of a girl/woman with black hair. It's really interesting and I love the album for Sol-Fa and Kimi no Machi Made. I especially love the style they sing! The lead vocal has a sort of monotone voice, yet it can go high so suddenly. They're a really seemingly casual band, it's a casual feeling...*doesn't know how to express* it's just like complete analogue recording and almost no digital enhancing or something X3 I love that clean feeling XD I really recommend 'Last Scene' and 'N.G.S'

Now don't tell me none of you have heard of the glorious Hyde-sama *glares you down* If you haven't, you've been missing out on one of the most beautiful voices in the world. Hyde did not become much of an obsession of mine until I saw the gorgeous pictures of him in various costumes (yes, I was attracted to a musician by his looks) but his music started to grow on me, especially 'Shining Over You' and 'Fruits of Chaos' (the first two songs I downloaded of his) I now have both Roentgen and 666 albums on computer X3 *throws bouquets of flowers in the approximate direction of Japan to reach Hyde-sama*

Last but not least on this long-winded rant, ORANGE RANGE!!! The ingenous oranges who sang the 1st Opening Theme for Bleach 'Asterisk' and Naruto's 3rd Ending Theme 'Viva Rock Japanese Side' Gotta love their style ne? MARCH!!! XD I've downloaded their album MusiQ and have Asterisk from their 1st Contact album and their music's made me completely paranoid of the world. They have that very funky style thingy going on with all their songs. I love 'Beat Ball' 'Chest' 'Hana' and 'HUB*STAR' from their MusiQ album - heck, I LOVE all the tracks! Hana was supposedly the biggest hit and it was the only soft love song thingy and it makes the lead singer's voice sound slightly raspy but so gorgeous!!! hontou daisuki!!! I also love the little rap thingys they have in almost all of their songs that add a sort of, jumpish feel to them X3 *bounces around*

My rant has gone on long enough ne? I'll shut up now, but not before I glomp each and every one of the mp3s I have of these artists X3 My Winamp playlist is filled and this 'essay' has taken me 1 hour to write -.-U worth it? not? *shrugs* ~<3