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Saturday, December 18, 2004

Going on Holidays!

Listening to: Akaku Someru Tsuki by Kirihara Akaya from Tennis no Oujisama


Holidays have started! Yay!!! I'm going to be leaving for China for two weeks to visit my Grandma who has just had surgery. So for the next two weeks, my sites will be on temporary hiatus ^.^ Also, since I most likely won't have internet access in China, I've made b-day buttons for everyone who's birthday are on the days I'm away for X3


Yesterday (I forgot, sorry Ban-sama):

Midou Ban from Get Backers



Kaori Yuki - Manga-ka


December 23:

Hidaka Ken from Weiss Kreuz Ishtar Malik from Yu-Gi-Oh!


December 24:

Sarutobi Sasuke from Samurai Deeper Kyo Echizen Ryoma from Tennis no Oujisama


December 25:

Tsukishiro Yukito from Card Captor Sakura


December 27:

Tatsumi Seiichirou from Yami no Matsuei

I will hopefully be back on time on January 1st to announce the b-days of Kazuki from Get Backers, Ren from Shaman King and Kaede from Slam Dunk...Now for my daily rant about anime and stuff before I am robbed of internet access for two weeks T________T I just started watching the Bleach anime and it is WICKED!!! I LOVE the way they copied Kubo Tite-sama's art style closely like that X3 Ichigo is pretty bishie too XD I can't wait to see Ishida-kun...and Byakuya...and Renji!!! *squeals in chair* And in Prince of Tennis...Akaya!!! I am so in love w/ him! He is so cute *wants to huggle him* I love the episode he beats up that stupid oni mask in his head...DIE YOU EVIL THING!!! LEAVE AKAYA ALONE!!!...well, I hope Akaya gets to enjoy tennis from now on, I love his kawaii smile X3 and his hair...and his eyes...his red eyes too, but those are the oni mask thingy's...and his, um, person? Well, just him. Kajimoto-san is cool too. Too bad he doesn't have enough air time, his voice is so nice X3 Oh, and just as a side note, I have been super obsessed with Samurai Deeper Kyo lately, well...more Hotaru and Shinrei than the entire series cast. Hotaru's blank stare is just so addicting X3 I'm probably going to be obsessed over him for a few years to come *heart* Hmm...speaking of Hotaru, I've drawn a Christmas gift for everyone!

click here!

Well, I have to go pack and stuff...hopefully China isn't as boring as I remember it *pouts*


Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Essay finally over!!! ShuShu's b-day!

Listening to: Egao no Ryuu by Fuji Syuusuke from Tennis no Oujisama


The hated essay has been dominated!!! *waves flag of success over head* I've been cutting off my MSN time for the past three days just to finish that stupid thing -.-# nyah...Golden Pair lost to Niou and Yagyuu T_______T poor Eiji-kun...why didn't he just run into Oishi-san's arms? That would be such a good ending to the episode X3 I've been motivated to draw a gothic girl for the past three days (the same ones the essay has been haunting me over), maybe because my grandma has a brain tumor thingy and she just had her surgery yesterday...I hope she's okay *prays* Anyways, without further ado, I announce...ShuShu (Shuldig/Shuldich - same name, different spelling) 's birthday!

Shuldich from Weiss Kreuz

Nyah, I wish I could have more motivation for my fics (sudden urge), but I'm still not doing well against the fight over my writer's block XP ahh well...not much to be said...I've changed winamp skins (into the Fujiko one I made by myself with a VERY primative skin maker) and wallpaper (into a Agito and Akito one, they're so cute together though technically they're in the same body ^.^U) if ANYONE knows a program I could use, or even a method I could use to make more professionally looking winamp skins, PLEASE tell me...onegai minna?


Sunday, December 05, 2004

Dead from being bored...someone save me @__@

Listening to: Come Together by Kikumaru Eiji from Tennis no Oujisama


Doesn't everyone hate boredom? That's what I'm dealing with right now, my hatred of boredom burns brighter than the rays of a thousand suns (Fairly Odd Parents are too influencial -.-) and plus my arm's feeling numb from a flu shot I got yesterday that I need to get before going back to China for the Christmas holidays. It's killing me, probably because I slept on that arm last night -.- My history essay still needs completion though I'm procrastinating like I've never done so before by watching 3 hours (3 episodes per hour, meaning about 9 episodes) of TeniPuri. I soo am in love with Atobe XD, it's funny, he's such a snob, but he's an awesome snob nonetheless with killer skills X3 as much as I'd like to daydreem about TeniPuri bishies every day, I cannot, or should not more like...*angsts, broods, all that good stuff* at least I can celebrate these chracters-who-don't-even-exist's birthdays *wonders why her life is so meaningless*, speaking of that, it's Hiyoshi Wakashi-san's birthday today:

Hiyoshi Wakashi from Tennis no Oujisama

I'm not only in the process of moving all my blog stuff over to this new domain, but my Beyblade fansite Go Shoot! as well as my fanlistings. It's taking up almost 4 hours every day on the computer just to complete 5% of each =.= it's a slow and grueling process...and so I now leave you to slave over that once again as well as silently cursing this boredom under my breath...


Saturday, December 04, 2004

Very short birthday announcement thingy...

Listening to: Kiku-chan no Soran Bushu by Kikumaru Eiji from Tennis no Oujisama


Like the title says, it's a very short birthday announcement today, for Muraki-sama from Yami no Matsuei!

Muraki Kazutaka from Yami no Matsuei

Okay, I can't stop from saying this, Eiji-kun is now the cutest thing alive!!! Just LISTEN to his birthday albums! (yes, albums, he had TWO!!!) I'm in love with his kawaii voice, more so than with Fujiko-chan's voice X3 having his voice singing in my ears can wake me from the dead, yes, my addiction is THAT serious ^.^U nothing much to add, except I have a history essay due Tuesday so I'll have to go now =.=