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Sunday, November 28, 2004

Nyah! Happy B-Day Kikumaru-sempai!!! *Hoi Hoi!*

Listening to: Sunset Way by Kojirou Saeki from Tennis no Oujisama


*jumps up and down* I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO SCREAM EXCEPT HAPPY BIRTHDAY EIJI-KUN!!! He's one of my fave characters from TeniPuri, he's so cute, I wish I could have a NekoEiji of my own X3

Kikumaru Eiji from Tennis no Oujisama

Basically, I've been really bored for this weekend. I didn't even borrow any volumes of Angel Sanctuary (though I wish I had) I've been slaving over reorganizing the fanlistings into their separate categories and deleting dead links and such. It's so sad that there aren't enough TeniPuri song fanlistings T_________T Well, I'll make one then!!! *determined fire burns within my eyes* First off has gotta be Against Wind sung by Jiroh-kun *glomps the kawaii bishie* huh, I wish XP Something new I did today, I made my own Winamp Skin! *stands on hill of victory* well, it's not THAT impressive, but at least I did's based on one of my favorite Fujiko-chan images (the one with him in the quite revealing white shirt looking smug with his eyes open *jaws drop to the ground and drools* I mean...the nice shirt...*drools some more*'s already done, but I'm using a VERY basic skin maker so it looks quite weird and doesn't do Fujiko-chan's pretty face any justice >______< I wish I had a better program *hint hint* anyone help? There is a serious lack of TeniPuri winamp skins online T______T I better not dwell on this too long...erm...tomorrow's another week of school and least Comm.Tech class won't be THAT boring...I sorta like it compared to my other courses...English and History are classes scheduled for sleep, Science sorta wakes me up (or is that my growling stomach? =.=) and Comm. Tech involves technology (though not reliable technology mind you -.-#) that I like X3 There's my semester in a nutshell for you. Oh yea, and I just realized I missed HoroHoro-kun's b-day yesterday T________T *slaps self for stupidity* and I have no real good picture of him...I may draw him an image later as a sorry...that just sounds plain weird *sigh* I've been reading too many yaoi fanfics =.= <--- new subject. I wanna write my own, but I don't have the skills. Plus, I've had writer's block for the other two fics I'm writing...maybe I'll try a TeniPuri one...more later...


Thursday, November 25, 2004

Happy Lucky b-day Sengoku-san!

Listening to: Hakobune by Atobe Keigo from Tennis no Oujisama


I'm so bummed, not because of Sengoku-san's b-day (that's unlucky XP), but because of the time I wasted today at lunch. My group and I were supposed to be working on our Comm. Tech. project (TV Commercial portion) and we had so much trouble editing the stupid thing. First, the editing studio wasn't working, then the sound for the Line 2 machine wasn't recording so now we had to do it all over again with crash editing instead of post editing -.-# trust me, post editing is WAY more efficient *grumbles like Shinji-kun about messed up machines and the unreliability of technology* ANYWAYS...I've watched episode 64 of TeniPuri today and nearly died laughing! The chibis were SOOO kawaii!!! Especially chibi Shinji-queen XD I love his makeup X3 and Mizuki the dominator too *laughs like hell* I'm so glad I am watching the anime as well as reading the manga, there are just some things in anime that can't be the same in the manga X3 I can't wait to see Akaya-kun vs Ryoma!!! I really want to hear Ryoma speak fluent English X3 too bad he's only 12 T_______T nyah...oh well...he seems more like 15...*kills the monster named Hopeful Wishing* ahem...back on the topic, it's Lucky Sengoku-san's birthday today! *cheers*

Sengoku Kiyosumi from Tennis no Oujisama

Besides the fact that I'm still overly obsessed with TeniPuri, there's nothing much to report...minor changes include a webcam capture of me in my profile *points to top of menu bar*, new wallpaper (Hyotei Regulars...Gakuto, Jiroh, Atobe, Wakashi...*squee*), erm...nothing much else...I'm actually thinking of making an online manga (I'm more serious this time) It's going to be called 'Wonderland', mostly because I've named the main character Alice and I badly wanted to draw a neko-shounen that I named Cheshire XD It's going to include elements of the online mangas that I never did start including character pasts, main plot, etc. In case anyone is wondering or even half cares, I'm still having writer's block on Emptiness because my interest in Beyblade is slowly's been my obsession for 2 years, but I'm starting to get really tired of it, mostly because of those random Kai scenes that pop up in some episodes -.-# I hate those scenes *fumes about overuse of random characters* Well, at least Brooklyn is worth watching X3 I LOVE his voice, and Garlands...and Mystels XD Man, I sure can blab...on yea, and about that episode 71 ('It's a Date'), I almost suffocated when Inui said 'It's a date' to Kaidoh and he blushed! *stifles burst of cackling* man, Inui-san knows how to torture people's psyche XD but I loved the part Fujiko ignored Mizuki completely, Mizuki's face was so funny! I wanted to go up and comfort him, poor boy ^.^U but Yuuta-kun was very kawaii too when Fujiko asked him out on a 'date' X3 *fangirl squee* must.not.think.fuji.incest.*struggles* and Eiji's randomness just makes me so wanna glomp the stuffing out of him X3 I still can't believe he's 15! I thought for sure he'd be younger than Momo *shrug* oh well, Momo's younger than me *wonders how the hell that's supposed to make sense* I can blab on forever about the ages and kakkoi-ness of each and every Seigaku Regular, but then that would overload John-san's server so I'll try to control myself. Actually, I think it better if I stopped myself now before I could cause more mindless blabber to appear on the internet and (more apparently) on my I bid thee farewell, 'till thou wishst for me to return (too much Shakespeare in English class =.=)


Tuesday, November 23, 2004

New Layout, Hosted, and my bro's well as Akabane's

Listening to: Against Wind by Akutagawa Jiroh from Tennis no Oujisama


WAHHHH!!!! *takes deep breath* WAHHH!!!!! *smacks self* okay, that's guys may be wondering why the hell I have started screaming...the reason is...Jiroh-kun's theme song (Agaisnt Wind) is playing in my head (and on my Winamp) and it's just uber-kakkoi!!!! Other than that, I've also finished reading 10 volumes of Angel Sanctuary (one of the best Kaori Yuki series EVER, rivaling Count Cain) and watched 62 episodes of Tennis no Oujisama. Well, of course, not all in one day, but I love them soo much!!! I'm in love with the series and anyone who DARES to disturb me when I watch it will be bitten by Akaya-kun *pets his head* >:[ I've also fallen in love with Fujiko-chan (Fuji Syuusuke)!!! He's just such a bishie and is so kakkoi when he opens his eyes X3 *goes fangirly* According to my brother (who is having his birthday today btw), I am, and I quote, "Over-obsessed over boys" but I would like to correct that to "over-obsessed over anime boys" XD it's a curse, but I'm satisfied with it ^.^ Well, secondly, it's also Akabane Kurodo's (from Get Backers) birthdays today!

Akabane Kurodo/Dr. Jackal from Get Backers

Also, if you haven't noticed (which is QUITE unlikely) I've changed layouts and moved onto a new domain (, thanks to the wonderful John-san! *glomps* I've made a fanlisting to this wonderful webmaster, and online friend, *insert shamless plug*

And since we're on the subject of fanlistings, John-san's fanlisting for me is also linked on the menu bar X3 *happy dance* thanks to him soo much! Also, over the weekend, we (my family) went to watch the Incredibles (a movie). It was really funny and enjoyable, my favorite character was Violet, though the woman with white hair was quite cool (save the part she hugs Mr.I -.-) w/e...I've got to finish a storyboard for Comm.Tech. class for a commercial, it was due yesterday -.- but our cameras (they are like, ancient) keep running out of batteries and jamming #-.- not much else to report, I'm going to go and watch episode 63 of TeniPuri now *squeals at the thought of seeing Jiroh-kun vs Fujiko-chan*


Thursday, November 11, 2004

Zoro's B-Day, my poor kneecap and oh yea a minute of silence for rememberance day

Listening to: Amazing Grace by Fuji Syuusuke from Tennis no Oujisama


First things first, today is Roronoa Zoro (from One Piece)'s Birthday! *wants his triple swords soo much * X3...well, here's the piccy:

Roronoa Zoro from One Piece

Secondly (in the order above), MY POOR KNEECAP! *cries as she rubs her knee* Well, chain of events...lunch today was kinda late and w/e because of the Rememberance Day assembly (bag-pipes, band playing, veteran coming to visit, some powerpoint presentation...) so we (me, Ikhlas, Amal, Megan, Leanna and Vanessa) decided to go to the 'SC', in other words, a Sliding Corner at our school right beside the staircase, anyways, we were there and Leanna suddenly had the idea of rallying her empty water bottle. I just watched at first, but then everyone (except Megan) started to play, so I joined...It was WAY fun, and I had to be monkey in the middle twice because of someone *glares wholeheartedly at Ikhlas* well, then I, being too much 'into' the game crashed into the wall while I was trying to catch the bottle...*looks apologetically at knee* hurt T_________T well, it was fun anyways, but Amal kept doing this stupid action -.-U it was disturbing....and it was funny everytime we stopped when a teacher or student passed by, they were staring at us like we were nuts...which basically sums up our group in one word ^.^ may now throw debris at me for being a stupid fangirl *bows behind giant Syu-chan plushie*


Thursday, November 04, 2004

Belated B-day for Ibu Shinji

Listening to: This is Your Life by Switchfoot


Nyah!!! I feel so guilty for not updating yesterday (Nov. 3), Shinji-kun (from TeniPuri)'s real b-day. *cries eyes out* I love how he always mumbles to himself X3

Ibu Shinji from Tennis no Oujisama

I have to remind myself to update more often *smacks self on head* Anyways, John-san has bought a new domain and is willing to host me again! *happy dance* *twists ankle in struggle* *crashes into tree that apparantly came ot of nowhere* man...I gotta remember not to leave magical tree-growing seeds on the ground -.-U Ahem...with that over with, I'm planning on posting up a short two-page manga I did of Tyson x Tala. It's shounen-ai, so please don't look at it when I post it up if you're offended by that. Anyways, it'll be up soon...I a science quiz/shindig


Monday, November 01, 2004

Just a short birthday update X3

Listening to: nada


Yea, like the update title says, just a short update to celebrate the birthdays of three bishies, MakubeX from Get Backers, Fubuki from Samurai Deeper Kyo and Naoe Nagi *squeals* from the Weiss Kreuz series. Buttons are custom made here:

MakubeX from Get Backers Fubuki from Samurai Deeper Kyo Naoe Nagi from Weiss Kreuz

*dances in confetti* three bishies' b-days on one special date, it's too good to be true XD Well, now I have to go and finish the Rememberance Day poster, I still haven't started yet >______<