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Monday, November 14, 2005

I've caught the livejournal craze ^^U

Listening to: Clavier - ashita tenki ni naare


yesyes, Livejournal's getting all my attention right now. so I might as well link my LJ here since I might not update here for a while...I'll miss the layout *clings*
FenixSuzaku @ LJ
I might return to blogger once in a while...just not anytime soon I think >__>


Sunday, September 18, 2005

cherryNINE: [LIME]mix

Listening to: Hameln (Album) by KIRITO
My webcam:

well, here's a brand new layout X3 it features, once again, KIRITO ♥ this used to be the layout for HUMAN GATE (my graphics journal) but I closed it down since I kinda thought I'd make a graphics archive site thingy anywho, admire the prettiful lime green phenomenon that is this month's layout ^____^b now, to rant about my summer...where to start...

first off, we took the plane from Toronto to Chicago (USA), then transferred to Beijing (which took a wooping 13 hours!!!) where we met my Dad <3 basically, we then drove to some apartment complex where an old couple, who were friends with my Grandpa (maternal side), lived. we stayed there, I got a head massage from a salon downstairs and we watched some Chinese television. needless to say, I skipped all channels except the music stations XD (you can't imagine how many channels showed the same news at the same time) then after that, we left on train for Huhot - the process of getting to the train station was long and agonizing...we were 5 minutes later than we were supposed to be because of the terrorizing traffic jams and had to run into the station while lugging 1454359kg of luggage X____x - when we got to Huhot, my Grandpa and uncle (husband of my Mom's sister) were there to pick us up, along with cousin #151's Dad. we got to my Grandpa's house, reunited with my Aunt (she's my favorite aunt 8D...) and third aunt and uncle, before going to the hospital to check on my Grandma. her condition wasn't worsening from what the doctors say, the brain tumor isn't growing, but she still can't think straight most of the time and acts like a 3 year old...after that, we went home and took a good nap before I met cousin #156 (as mentioned in last post). nothing much to say about him, boring to say the least...then, for the next two weeks, we visited Grandma, and went shopping. then, we left with my Dad to ChongQing.

it had changed a lot since the last time we went there, my Dad rented a new house in the most developed and 'wealthy' section of the district. the house itself was infested with cockroaches, but the gardens and stuff in the apartment yard were nice enough...basically, me and my brother stayed home (my Mom stayed in Huhot to care for Grandma) while my Dad went to work on the weekdays. then, my paternal grandparents came and my brother revived his obsession over Mahjong >____> and apparently Mahjong had to be played with four I was dragged into their games. it was survivable to say the least...after that, my Dad bought me my first acoustic guitar (at a cheap music store, but hey, Chinese stuff is always cheap) and got me some lessons. my teacher was a guy with a cool tattoo, maybe 25 or so, he was nice, and quite patient with me since I was struggling...after that, my Dad had me go to some art class to improve my art was pretty boring some of the time, sitting in front of a canvas all day, but I guess I did improve somewhat. I met a nice teacher there, he took me on one of those subway-like trains that travelled on 'sky-rails' or whatever, it was fun, but we were late for class when we got back 8| all in all it was pretty fun, my Dad took us out to a Dinosaur museum and some other parks and stuff. pretty memorable. after that, my Grandma (paternal) suddenly got a kind of stroke (she fainted), but she was rushed to the hospital and she's fine now. the doctors say she was over-exhausting herself. it's scary, everyone in my family's starting to get Mom came to ChongQing and we took her out to eat at one of the river-side restaurants and took pictures. I loved the view XD

after all that, my Dad took a few days off work and booked us on a cruise. basically, we got cheated. the guy had said the cruise would be top class or whatever, but instead, it was like a wood cabin with a disgusting toilet (well, not disgusting, just not flushable >___>) after we got over that, we toured the Three Gorges. it was a nice sightseeing experience, except it rained 2 of the 3 days we toured and mud was everywhere. after that, there were some cheap on-land tours, the sites were nice, but the tours sucked...anyways, we took pictures, etc. and I stored them on my new laptop (my Dad gave it to me because I said I wanted it and he already bought a new one) X3 we then took the train from the final destination of the cruise to Huhot (my Dad went back to ChongQing to follow up with his work - the president's gotta be there to watch his employees XD - basically what followed were days of cheap shopping where I bought loads of stuff (I call 3 shirts as loads, so sue me) and then we said our goodbyes and we came back home X(

that's been my summer, not exactly the most exciting adventure to exist in history, but satisfactory since I got lots of CDs and clothes XP well, I'm tired now, so I'll go fidget around with my guitar, ja!


Friday, September 16, 2005

[the other dawn] ♥

Listening to: PLOT by Kirito


yosh! Kirito-sama's finally releasing his solo photobook! I'm going to blow my monthly allowance for books/cds, but anything Kirito-related *coughHamelncough* is worth it~ I've heard Hameln so many times how, I can practically sing it X3 I'm in the process of translating all the lyrics right now, into kanji, romanji and English! In fact, I'm taking Japanese lessons because I'm seriously thinking of going to Japan for University ♥ that would be so cool...but then again, my parents are warning me about Japanese racism against the Chinese race...>___> onto brighter things...I've enjoyed most of my stay in China...I got to spend more time with Dad and my Grandparents (on both sides), as well as meet cousins #156, #157, and #158 XS it was awkward, because two of them were almost TWICE as tall as me...SKYSCRAPERS!!! >___< man that was NOT a nice feeling, standing beside someone who's a Yao Ming 'cousin-clone'...

besides that, my darling Nita has moved her blog ♥ I haven't changed the link on the layout yet, but I'll get to that soon, when I conquer the mountain in my room I've dubbed 'homework'...ahem...well, besides that, I've decided to play around with my webcam to display my retardedness show off my new earrings (I only got one on each side because my mom flat out rejected my suggestion of two on each side) them pierced over the summer ^___^ the bad news is, I'm allergic to anything that's not pure silver and/or gold (and I don't like gold) so earrings are gonna be expensive T___T


oh and! I've found out recently that PIERROT's going on a winter nation wide tour (♥!) and I want to go REALLY BADLY...but my Mom says I need to get a travel partner, someone who knows Japanese and a little bit about Japanese concerts...I'm hoping to meet someone in the Japanese classes I'm going to take this year (Saturday school...XS) le sigh...wish me luck ♥


Friday, July 22, 2005

Hameln tracklist out~~~ ♥

Listening to: Saisei no Asa by Kirito


(it is currently 4:20 PM in China)

from Cycloid:
Kirito - Hameln (Limited Edition)
06.Awaking bud
07.Daremo inai oka
08.Saisei no asa (Album Version)
♥ I'm so glad I bought this ♥ all the tracks seem so...'ballad-ish', though I suppose that's Kirito's new 'style', I'll support it all the way ♥ I've also (reluctantly) downloaded his DOOR single, mostly because I have no money to buy it and I am ITCHING to listen to Saisei no Asa >____< I solely promise that I will try and buy the single once I get a job and grab some money XD
anywho, my thoughts on the track titles...first, Hameln. for those who don't know, Hameln is the city the fable 'the Pied Piper' was based in, it was also used to name a fantasy novel based on the same story some years ago [/bookworm] my first thoughts that came to mind regarding this title is REVENGE...or something related to regret/bitterness/etc. maybe it will be a dark song? or maybe a sad song? like Rasuto Retaa? *_____* second song is DOOR, which I think the majority of the world has already heard, so I'll just say I adore the lyrics and the PV (see rant on DOOR sometime ago here) third comes PLOT...erm...first, it gives me the image of a map and 'plots' on a map (stares at layout), then, it kind of reminds me of a plot, as in a plan of some sorts ohh...Kirito's been ploting the world's demise ♥ ahem...fourth is INTER CUTTER...which sounds quite...aggressive. 'inter' means 'to bury' sounds like some kind of serial killer's nickname or something >___> like SLASHslashYOUareDEAD kinda feel...but then again, it could be that Kirito means to 'inter' the 'cutter', which means he wants to bury this person who cuts...maybe burying an inner demon thing? fifth on the list is Ray, which I think refers to the sun's's kind of soothing to think about, like soft sunlight shining through...something or other...yeah...sixth, Awaking bud. for some reason I think this bud is affected by the track before it, Ray it also reminds me of PIERROT's last two releases, -A variant BUD- and -A deformed BUD- so maybe Kirito's starting with his story telling habit again? *hopes so* anywho, the most intriguing title so far is track seven, Daremo inai oka, which I think either translates to 'everyone/anyone within the hill' or 'no one within the hill'. the first one seems more likely, as in 'the Pied Piper', he lulls all of the villagers' children inside of a cave (hill) and traps them inside. sounds...threatening...I ♥ this threat XP then comes number eight, Saisei no asa (morning of rebirth), which I've downloaded (the single version) and sounds awesome~ Kirito blends his 'deep' voice with a neutral tone and it just sounds so powerful and slightly sad at the same time *admires* nine is THE SUN, which reminds me of Kirito's Sun tattoos [/stalker] that sounds like it may relate to also seems kind of hopeful or it could be sad, since the children trapped in the cave can't see the light *loves evil Kirito* last/tenth track (T____T) EXIT now this doesn't seem too conventional to the original story, but it seems the children somehow find a way out of the cave? is this Kirito being too nice? *gasps dramatically* I hope not. well, it could mean he gives the children an 'exit' that is 'death'...that seems more appealing to me XP
well, there's my thoughts on the album track titles in a nutshell XP I can't wait to get the poster that comes with the limited edition of this album though ♥_____♥ I think it's supposed to look like this:

*dies of love* this will become the most treasured item I will ever own ♥ (as soon as it arrives in my mailbox some 3 weeks later) I can't believe I was even ever in an Aiji fangirl trance before I fell in love with Kirito (no offense Aiji lovers) I used to only go for the most prettyful ones every time I got to know a new band, but Kirito's changed my mind (I admit Aiji looks slightly prettier than Kirito), because for some reason I feel attracted to his 'being' instead of his 'looks' though his looks are an added bonus if that makes sense...
well this post has cheered me up completely ^____^ mostly because I had to get up at 8:30 AM this morning to have practise with my guitar teacher (I was sooo tired last night since my Dad snored his way through the entire of the two hours he kept me awake), and it so happens the teacher was stuck in a traffic jam and couldn't get here even 45 minute after our scheduled meeting. so I left >:P he was responsible enough to call me and apologize, but still, one whole lesson wasted D:< I detest Chinese traffic. ah well, Kirito can make me feel cheerful no matter how down I am so I'm glad he exists *thanks his mom and dad for giving birth to him* XDDDD


Saturday, July 09, 2005

HAMELN!!! I'm officially under the spell of Pied Piper Kirito ♥

Listening to: He Wasn't by Avril Lavigne


just a quick note mentioning I bought some new stuff yesterday ^___^ including Avril Lavigne's Under My Skin album, David Tao's The Great Leap 2005 album, a wicked bull bone carving necklace of some sort of goblin/bull that reminds me of the monster dude in Diru's JESSICA PV ♥ some shoes, some clothes...etc. (all of these at super cheap prices, aka 'the China price')

and now...I LOVE MY DAD!!! ♥ x 1 billion!!! he bought me Kirito's first solo album HAMELN!!! I've wanted it for sooo long!!! it cost $US 35.03, I got it from CD Japan ^___^ just wanted to rant XD too bad I'm not getting DOOR T_____T I'll have to buy it when I get a job and earn my own money >____> anyway, and I'm officially not going to Japan *dies* my heart is seriously bleeding at the fact that I can't support Kirito at his first solo LIVE, which means I will have to buy the DVD for the tour even if it kills me (or my hopes of having enough money to go to University) XP the obsession that is Kirito is too expensive T______T


Monday, July 04, 2005

summer vacation~



nyah! no computer for two months~~~ T___T I'm going to miss my Kirito photos on my desktop *heart breaks* I probably won't be able to post on this journal for two months too since you can't connect to some American servers in China >___> I'm really hoping to go to Japan, but it seems my Dad won't have time *dies* my Mom suggests going there this winter and stay with my cousin who is going to school there, but that's sooo long~~~ plus! I can't go see Kirito on his first live tour! I feel so ashamed... I'm going to try and make it up by buying loads of PIERROT + Kirito merchandise 8D I've already got a list of the magazines Kirito will be featured in. I want to get the DICTATORS CIRCUS -A deformed BUD- Best c/w Songs Album, Kirito's DOOR single and his HAMELN album ♥ I really hope China will have the merchandise since the Chinese-Japan dispute over the Nankin Massacre issue still hasn't been resolved and China's threatening on boycotting Japanese merchandise *kicks China*

I've been enjoying quite a bit of Diru concerts for the past few days just for the heck of it and I find Kyo as amazing as ever. I almost don't pay attention to anyone else on stage when I watch Diru concerts XP Kyo just does the most...interesting spitting, playing with his pants *ahem*, laughing hysterically for some songs, and that blowing-kiss thingy that makes me swoon ♥ this much Diru is making me wanna see more PIERROT concerts, but stupid WinMX won't hurry up and let me finish downloading *growls* I NEED more Kirito (♥)!!!

besides leaving my computer, I'll also be leaving my Kirito shrine...I'm already done with the info and most of the music sections as well as done some song analysis, but it'll take a long time to set up everything else...argh!!! *tears hair out* I really hate having to leave my dear computer *clings* le least I've put all of my fanlistings on hiatus, made a new layout for my graphics journal here (features, yet again, Kirito-sama *shines*), and now I'm saying farewell on this journal for the summer...

other than that, I just want to wish everyone a happy summer vacation! not that anyone reads this, I just like to think they do XP


Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Kirito and otou-san? O_____o

Listening to: Seruroido (Celluloid) by PIERROT


KIRITO!!! *dies* okay, I'm overreacting, but I just recently discovered something seriously surprising...Kirito's birthday is February 24, 1972 (no, that's NOT the big discovery...) AND my FATHER's birthday is February 24, 196(this last number has been censored to protect my dad's privacy...and stuff...)!!! O______o call me stupid for not realizing Kirito's birthday is on the same day as my Dad's, but...okay fine, I didn't notice at all...but this is so weird >_______> *checks window* (XP) this is too much *hyperventilates* now I can celebrate Kirito's birthday on the same day as my Dad's ♥ yeah...[/weird news]

well, I'm going away for the summer, mainly to see my dad, my grandma - who still has a brain tumor T____T - and, my poor grandpa...I really want to visit Japan too goal right now is to buy the Kirito photobook and sniff it like a drug every day, buy Kyo's two poem books - the first one is Japanese, the second one is English (I think) - and attempt to finish the fanfiction I'm doing (already got 4 chapters written) by getting inspiration from them ♥ I've got to admit, I am in love with Kyo's voice. he can hit so many differnt chords it's not funny O____o personally, Kyo doesn't scare me, but he does give me chills when he does that laughing/crying baby thing (in 'mazohyst of decadence' especially) *hates children* I've watched the first two days of Diru's BLITZ 5DAYS tour and I think Kyo's starting to make me swoon ♥ he is so adorable, especially when he blew that kiss near the end of the second day! <3 I still don't really like him putting all that stuff on himself during the first day, but the blood was okay ^___^ I wish he wore his golden contacts with the brown/black borders more often, it makes him look more like a kitty XD besides that, let's report on my Kirito shrine ♥ first, I've finished the 'basic introduction' where I list lots of random gotta-know info (from the size of his foot to the number of tattoos and piercings he has) and the 'voices' page where I identified his different singing voices X3 I personally love the hoarse-growl the most, especially when he sings it in CREATURE *loves that song* I'm not sure how long it would take me to finish the rest though since I'm leaving my computer (and 900+ mp3s~) for 2 months T______T I'll probably die without Kirito in my ear everyday *drowns in tears* I was thinking of making a Kyo shrine to be the 'twin site' for my Kirito shrine, but I'm not sure I'll have enough time, going into 11th grade and all >____> maybe I should try and get a job while I'm in mom says I should be a translator for the 2008 Olympics in China, I'd agree as long as I don't have to read or write =.= on the bright side, my Dad promised to spend more time with us. he's agreed to play squash with me ^____^ *loves squash even though her mom thinks her arms are getting too thick* I want to get muscles like Kirito's ♥ and Kyo's ♥ XD speaking of Kyo's arms, he's got really detailed tattoos, it's like a giant mass of black if you look at it from afar, but if you look closely, it's really pretty *____*

just as a last note, I'm on a wallpaper making spree and I'm in need of other test subjects Jrockers to use. anybody suggest anything? I've already made Kirito (PIERROT), Kyo (Dir en grey), and Ruki (Gazette) ^_______^ I'm posting them up later on my graphics journal (hopefully)